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Dad Grass Rolling Machine

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A Magical Joint Rolling Machine For Beginners & Experts Alike

Do you prefer nice lookin' cylindrical joints over the uneven ones your pops used to produce? Or maybe you're a junior roller and you'd like a little mechanical assistance? Well, there's no shame in that! The Dad Grass Rolling Machine is the perfect solution. Just grab your Grass and papers because you'll be rolling sweet little pinners in no time. Each roller comes with a handy little instruction sheet to ease you in for the first time. Once you get going, you wont want to stop! 

Free USPS shipping on all orders over $65!
Free USPS priority shipping on all orders over $100!


Pairs well with Dad Grass Flower and other home rolling accessories.

Using The Machine Is Easy! Just Follow These Simple Steps:

  1. Grind or break up your Dad Grass flower so it’s roughly the consistency of oregano. We like to do this on a rolling tray but any surface will do.
  2. If you like a cardboard filter on your joints, roll one up and have it ready.
  3. Open the roller lid towards your body.
  4. Drop in your cardboard tip (if that’s how you roll) and then pack the rest of the open machine lightly and uniformly, then close the lid.
  5. Give the rolling pin nearest you a few full turns downwards.
  6. Insert your Dad Grass hemp rolling paper with the gummed edge on top and facing you.
  7. Rotate the roller again until the paper enters the machine.
  8. Give the gummed edge a good licking before it’s drawn completely into the machine and  then continue rollin’.
  9. Open the lid and remove your perfectly rolled joint!

This is Dad Grass. Simple and unadulterated. Just the choicest nugs of Organic hemp responsibly grown small batches under the sun, right here in the USA. Slow dried. Hand trimmed. Carefully cured. And thoroughly inspected. Crafted from seed to smoke the old fashion way. Choose from the very respectable Quarter Ounce tin or the extra plentiful Half Ounce tin. Both come packed to the brim with Dad Grass Flower, premium organic hemp Dad Grass Rolling Papers and a 2-way humidity control pack.


Our special collections of apparel and accessories pay tribute to the timeless staples of dad style. Past, present and future. Like our hemp joints, Dad Grass merch is always simple, classic and of the highest quality.

Dad Grass Rolling Machine


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Dad Grass just mellows you out, minus any and all paranoia.

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