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DAD GRASS X GEORGE HARRISON Limited Edition Joints, Paraphernalia & Merch!

Know What You're Tokin

Every Batch of Dad Grass is Tried, Trued and Tested

Hemp Testing Results

The hemp we use in our joints is USDA Certified Organic, grown with only natural fertilizers and pest control materials.  But we go the extra mile to make sure what you smoke is 100% pure and that nothing has accidentally creeped into our crop. Before twisting it up, we send our freshly trimmed flower to the same independent third-party labs that test the marijuana you find in dispensaries. Not only do they make sure there are no pesticides, mold, fungus, bacteria, heavy metals or other toxins, they also determine the precise concentrations of THC and CBD as well as the terpene profile. 
Below are links to the testing results (AKA Certificate of Analysis or 'COA') for each of our batches. To figure out what batch you are tokin, just look at the label on your packaging. 
Dad Grass Joints Dad Grass Flower Mom Grass Joints Mom Grass Flower Dad Grass Tinctures 
Batch #001 | March 2021 Batch #001 | April 2021 Batch #001 | January 2021 Classic Formula Batch #001 | November 2021
Batch #002 | September 2021 Batch #002 | September 2021 Goodtime Formula Batch #001 | January 2022
Batch #003 | June 2020
Classic Formula Batch #002 | January 2022
Batch #004 | August 2020
Batch #005 | September 2020
Batch #006 | November 2020
Batch #007 | May 2021
Batch #008 | September 2021


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