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Zoom Dad Grass x George Harrison Signature Joint Rolling Tray With Magnetic Lid
Zoom Magnetic Rolling Tray For Weed By Dad Grass x George Harrison Collab
Zoom George Harrison Coolest Weed Rolling Tray With Lid | Dad Grass
Zoom George Harrison Signature Rolling Tray, Ashtray, Bumper Sticker & Button Pins

George Harrison Rolling Tray

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Sure, an All Things Must Pass album cover still works in a pinch. But this George Harrison Signature Rolling Tray will let you roll into the night!


The Rolling Tray

Legend has it that George could twist up a perfect one-handed doobie without dropping a single nug. He may not have needed a rolling tray, but the rest of us mere mortals can certainly appreciate the utility of an impeccably designed piece of pot paraphernalia that lets things roll more smoothly. This George Harrison Signature Rolling Tray is not too big, but not too small. It has perfectly curved sides and a smooth surface so you don't lose any of your precious Grass. Sure, an All Things Must Pass album cover still works in a pinch. But a cherry piece of gear like this will have you singin’ hallelujah as you roll among the weeds.

George Harrison Rolling Tray


It focuses your attention better on the music so you can hear it clearer

George Harrison

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