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Our Gummies VS Their Gummies

If ever there was a a flawed format of grass in need of a tasteful upgrade, it’s the sticky, icky & unpredicty gummy. So we stepped in and made our own. Like everything we do, they’re easy and dependable, not fancy or complicated. 

Although we're generally pretty chilled-out folks, we're serious about R&D. Don't get us wrong though. Researching and developing gummies is a blast! In our quest to craft a better gummy, we popped hundreds of different gummies. Some that got us way too high and some that didn't do anything at all. Some that got stuck in our teeth, some that were hard to get down and some that just didn't sit well. Some that could have passed for children's candy and some tasted like old people's medicine. We even spent our hard-earned money buying preciously-packaged gummies that, according to our calculations, each cost more than a hand-stirred cocktail. 

And throughout the almost two years that we spent chewing on our new product idea...we talked to many of you, our nearest and dearest, to get your take on what was out there and what wasn't. Some general themes emerged. Confirmations of our growing conviction that the world indeed needed a better gummy. Or rather, a perfect little family of gummies. And it was our responsibility to answer the call. 

Below are some of the things we heard from you. Your complaints, concerns, wants and desires related to the sad state of the existing gummy offering. And then we lay out exactly how our new Dad Grass Gummies make it all better. We even reveal some of the secrets behind our tasteful upgrades to this previously flawed format of grass.


“ Those high THC gummies are way too strong for me! One bite and I was couch-locked, paranoid and I thought It would never end!”

Dad Grass Gummies are low in THC. High in CBD, CBG or CBN (depending on the mood). A smooth, perfectly balanced pop of chill that won’t leave you couch-locked or wondering if it'll ever kick in.

What You Can Expect How We Did It

Smooth Buzz

Clear Head


Less than .3% THC

High in CBD

Plus CBG & CBN 

“I downed a handful but I didn't feel a thing. Not sure how effective they were. Snake oil?”

Dad Grass Gummies pack quite the punch. Or rather, the love tap you can rely on. And look forward to. That's because we stuffed 'em full of high quality hemp-derived cannabinoids so you can actually feel the pleasantly potent benefits.

What You Can Expect
 How We Did It



Pleasantly Potent

Full Spectrum


Precise Formulations

“I can never tell how long I'm gonna have to wait before they hit. Sometimes I take more, just in case. And boy do I regret it!"

Also Read- When & How To Pop Dad Grass Gummies

Soft gummies, hard science. We worked with the best in the business to make sure you chill out right on time. Thanks to the latest in tiny tech, our Gummies kick in within 10-20 minutes. You can set your watch to it.

“I don't eat anything artificial and stay away from animal by-products. But I guess I have to settle if I want to eat my weed."

You can expect the best from these gummies on the inside and out because of their all-natural, fruit-derived, organic, vegan ingredients. Nothing artificial or icky. Ever.

What You Can Expect  How We Did It

All Natural





“They look like tasty treats but I can hardly get them down. They're either bitter or too sweet and the aftertaste lingers."

To make the tastiest bites in town, we went deeper into the produce section, drawing inspiration from some of our favorite fruit pairings. Plus, we added a superfine sugar dusting with a subtly sour finish for tantalizing twist.  

What You Can Expect  How We Did It


Subtly Sour

Surprisingly Familiar

Natural Fruit Flavoring

Sour Sugar Dusted

Premium Ingredients


Dad Grass Classic Formula CBD Gummies - Blackberry Ginger


All Dad Grass Gummies are formulated from the same 100% Organic hemp flower that we roll up in our joints. They’re fast acting. Pleasantly potent. High in the helpful cannabinoids like CBD, CBG and CBN. No funky chemicals. No GMOs. No nonsense. Just high quality plant-based ingredients, subtly sour fruit flavors and some seriously small-scale science. A new and much- improved recipe for beneficial bites that taste as good as they feel.

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