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When To Pop Dad Grass Gummies

Formulation Orientation & Identification 

What's better than a perfectly-formulated gummy? Three perfectly-formulated gummies! After two years of foreplay, we finally nailed our new gummy's  DNA and then pro-created a tight little family of Dad Grass Gummy formulas that, much like our family of Dad Grass Tinctures, can all play a different role in the days (and nights) of your life. (Sorry Mom, Dad came first again!)

Maybe you're wondering if you're a Classic gal.
Or you've decided that you're a Goodtime guy.
Or maybe you're a person of the Nightime.

Well, we try to avoid labels (other than the ones on our new amber jars). And we generally recommend that you hang with the whole fam. But we do want to help you understand the unique properties of each of our formulas, the effects you an expect, and when you might want to pop one into your mouth. 

Here's The TLDR:

Classic Formula = Chill
Goodtime Formula = Recovery
Nighttime Formula = Sleep


Dad Grass Gummies Bundle - Classic formula for chill, Goodtime formula for recovery & Nighttime formula for sleep


Buy Dad Grass Classic Formula

Classic CBD For Mind & Body Wellness

Our Dad Grass Classic Formula CBD Gummies pack a blackberry ginger punch and are perfect anytime for daily wellness and a dose of chill. Word on the street is that our Classic Formula helps our fam members relieve feelings of daily stress and anxiety, and ease those pesky consequences of inflammation.

Dad Grass Classic Formula CBD Gummies - Berries in a plate & a piece of Ginger

Goodtime CBD + CBG For Foggy Minds & Aching Bodies

Our Dad Grass Goodtime Formula CBD + GBG Gummies blend hibiscus and ginger that might save you the day after so you can keep the good times rollin'. Our friends and family tells us that our Goodtime Formula brings sweet relief to symptoms of hangovers, jet lag, exercise and general recover for all other side-effects of living the good life. 


Dad Grass Goodtime Formula Gummies - CBD + CBG

 Buy Dad Grass Goodtime Formula CBD + GBG Gummies

Nighttime CBD + CBN For Restless Minds & Bodies

Our Dad Grass Nighttime Formula CBD + GBN Gummies use nostalgic midnight berry so you can get sleep that dreams are made of. Of our loved ones who are restless sleepers, they say that our Nighttime Formula encourages falling asleep and staying asleep. Also check out our Nighttime Formula CBN Tincture for sleep!


Dad Grass CBD + CBN Gummies For Sleep

 Buy Dad Grass Nighttime Formula CBD + GBN Gummies

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