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What's In Dad Grass Gummies

The Insides (& Outs) Of Our Pleasantly Potent Bites

All Dad Grass Gummies are formulated from the same 100% Organic hemp flower that we roll up in our joints. They’re fast acting. Pleasantly potent. Full spectrum and high in the helpful cannabinoids like CBD, CBG and CBN. Rich with terpenes. No funky chemicals. No GMOs. No nonsense. Just high quality plant-based ingredients, subtly sour fruit flavors and some seriously small-scale science. A new and much-improved recipe for beneficial bites that taste as good as they feel.


Dad Grass Goodtime Formula Gummies - CBD + CBG

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So how'd we do it?

1) Starting With Liquid Gold

We partnered with our favorite organic hemp farmers to get their best, freshly-squeezed CBD crude oil. Otherwise known as liquid gold.

2) Getting All Sciencey

We partnered with the best in the biz' to emulsify this premium extract through their advanced nanotechnology, giving us a stable solution of microscopic Mary-J molecules that are easier for your body to digest. This means faster onset times, higher efficacy and more bioavailability when we infuse them into our tasty bites.

3) Confection Perfection

After we leave the lab we head on over to the confection section. To get that perfectly chewy and velvety smooth mouth-feel, we ditched chalky, tacky gelatin in favor of our gentle citrus-based pectin perfection.

4) Savoring Flavoring 

Then we went deep into the produce section, drawing inspiration from some of our favorite fruit pairings. Our Classic Formula Gummies are bursting with natural blackberry flavor with a tantalizing twist of ginger. Our Goodtime Formula Gummies are packed with refreshing hibiscus with a citrus spritz. And our Nighttime Formula Gummies hit your tastebuds with a nostalgic midnight berry. And for some surprise with your delight, we added a superfine sugar dusting with a subtly sour finish.

You can expect the best from these gummies on the inside and out because of their all-natural, fruit-derived, organic, vegan ingredients. Nothing artificial or icky. Ever. 

Dad Grass Gummies Trio - Classic, Goodtime * Nighttime Formula


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