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How To Roll A Proper Tip

An Excerpt From The Book...

How We Roll: The Art and Culture of Joints, Blunts, and Spliffs

Written by Noah Rubin and published by Chronicle books, this handy, visual, and giftable guide to twisting-one-up is available for preorder on now. Rolling out to booksellers everywhere in October.


It's hard to roll a joint without a proper tip and this section of How We Roll helps you do exactly that. Though many a fine roller has resorted to scraps of paper, discarded business cards, and other random objects to stand in place of a proper tip, once you read this article you will see how good life can be when you are an expert roller of fine joint tips...and that's not all! Not only does this article help you with the fundamentals of tip rolling, it also opens the door for you to get more creative with your tips as well. So break out that Dad Grass, a crisp sheet of rolling paper, and roll up a proper tip. When done with mindfulness and intention, it's a combo that can't be beat!


Roll a Proper Tip

Not all tips are created equal. Below are four great filter tip–rolling options. The secret is to roll them tightly both ways, creating tension on each side of the paper so it doesn’t spring outward and lose tension when you complete your roll.

The spiral:

This is a great tip for first-timers: Just roll the paper tightly in one direction, then release. Next, unroll the tip and roll the paper tightly in the opposite direction, and release. Now you have a nice, concise spiral for your joint.

Dad Grass-How We Roll-The Spiral

The M:

Start by making one small fold (about 1 mm) in the paper, then fold it back on itself. Fold it back on itself again (both about 1 mm) and release. If you did this right, the end of the paper should resemble an M. Next, roll the tip up tightly from the non-folded side. Then roll the folded M side tightly all the way to the end and release. Mmmmmm so good . . .

Dad Grass-How We Roll-The M

The M+M:

Start like you did with the M but with with six folds instead of three. Sadly, there is no milk chocolate or peanut option.

Dad Grass-How We Roll-The M

The Hollow:

Follow the M+M instructions from the previous page, but before you begin rolling in either direction, cut out half of the folded section with a pair of scissors. First cut halfway down the last fold in your second M, and then cut down the middle of the folded section to meet the first cut you made. Now roll up the folded section the same as above and you will see that the tip is hollow on one end.

Dad Grass-How We Roll-The hollow

Tips for DIY Tips

Use medium-thick new paper Use anything printed with a lot of ink
Neatly cut or tear the paper so it can be rolled easily Use anything too thin
Place your tip at the end of your rolling paper to guide your roll Use any paper you’re afraid of damaging, like those Grateful Dead ticket stubs from New Year’s Eve ’79


About the Book
Celebrate one of the most foundational and varied skills of the cannabis connoisseur, with How We Roll: The Art and Culture of Joints, Blunts, and Spliffs. This handy, visual, and giftable guide to twisting-one-up offers rolling techniques, do's and don'ts, quizzes and charts, and illuminating interviews in one lively illustrated reference. Practiced potheads and perennial puffers alike will find something new and exciting in these pages written by the former editor-in-chief of Snoop Dogg’s media platform, Merry Jane.

From the classic joint to The Scorpion, The Braid, The Holy Cross, The Tulip, and other unique approaches, How We Roll employs clever illustrations and clear instructions to take you higher. Featuring interviews with notable cannabis lovers like Wiz Khalifa, Dawn Richard, Wayne Coyne, Laganja Estranja, and Tommy Chong, insight into rolling culture around the world, and tips and tricks for rolling an impressive J, How We Roll is the go-to guide to rolling deep.

About the Author
Noah Rubin is the editor of Snoop Dogg's hit cookbook From Crook to Cook and the former editor-in-chief of Snoop's media platform, Merry Jane. Before Merry Jane, he was editor-in-chief of Nas's media platform/production house Mass Appeal. In addition to his writing and editorial work, Rubin has an extensive music background. His credits include Grammy-winning A&R work for global EDM phenomenon Flume and production on two highly regarded albums for Wu-Tang Clan. He is also the former VP of Music at Decon Records (now Mass Appeal Records), home to artists like Run the Jewels, Pusha T, and the Hood Internet.

About Chronicle Books
Founded in 1967 in San Francisco, Chronicle Books is one of the world’s most admired publishers and distributors of illustrated books, gifts, and games for all ages. Its highly acclaimed list spans art, photography, food, lifestyle, pop culture, humor, self-help, wellness, children’s books, and stationery, among other categories. Chronicle is the home of numerous award-winning authors, bestselling series, and trend-setting titles. Chronicle Books is committed to partnering with artists and writers who represent the diversity of our world and to maintaining an inclusive and equitable working environment for its employees and business partners. For more information visit


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