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GQ Says Dad Grass Has Some Surprising Appeal!

"Dad Grass promises to reconnect you with the rituals of our stoner forefathers—without getting you stoned."

It's not everyday that the legendary Gentleman's Quarterly (AKA GQ) writes about weed. And it's a particular honor for them to sing the praises of a small little weed brand like Dad Grass! But after testing out some of our new Flower and classic Joints, GQ's Health & Wellness Chris Cohen is a convert. We've included some of our favorite lines from the article below. 

About smoking Dad Drass:

"Unlike your average CBD product, which tend to pitch themselves as a health-adjacent, Dad Grass feels like a mild vice. (It is hard to rationalize smoking anything as a wellness practice, after all.) More importantly, unlike every CBD seltzer I’ve ever tried, Dad Grass actually feels like it does...something. It’s not exactly stoned, but it is a little mellow. And while the packaging is clearly labeled as a legal hemp product (a helpful QR code will even bring up a PDF of a ridiculously comprehensive lab report), when you're smoking it it smells just like the real stuff."

About our Merch:

"As Dad Grass leaves behind the getting-stoned parts of stoner culture, the company keeps just about everything else. They already sell a huge range of winkingly groovy paraphernalia, from ash trays to joint rolling machines to collab tees with LA stoner gear purveyor Free and Easy—those look fresh off a Bonnaroo merch table in 2006. It’s an aesthetically-pleasing throwback to a mellower era of weed."

Go here for the full article. 

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