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Step Inside the Magical World of the Truffle Man

An Interview With Trevor Sherard (AKA Truffle Man)

What's better than chocolate? Weed + chocolate, of course! Our Deluxe THC Truffies collaboration with San Francisco chocolatier, Truffle Man, is a match made in Heaven. Low-dose, mellow fun, all wrapped up in a gold box. The "Truffle Man" himself, Trevor Sherard, takes us to the sweet spot of his vision of art & chocolate below.

 Dad Grass Truffleman Chocolate Truffles With THC

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Who is the Truffle Man?

I am a San Francisco-born chocolatier, artist, and inventor. Twenty years ago, I began making and selling cannabis chocolate truffles, bringing them to the beautiful people of San Francisco in wild, hand-made displays and magical costumery. Back then, cannabis was illegal. But I think the artistry and care that I put into my craft allowed me to build a vibrant community while hiding in plain sight; I found my groove. I love being “The Truffle Man!” 

Truffle Man x Dad Grass, why?

Making my cannabis truffles a light, livening dose has always been important to me. I am a huge fan of Dad Grass because their products are exactly what I look for when I’m imbibing. I love being able to share how special plant magic can be when you get just that perfect tickle. Just hearing the name Dad Grass puts a smile on my face. 

What’s the story behind your chocolate factory?

Historically, the only way people could get my chocolates was by chance - crossing paths with me in the wild. But it was always my dream to make them for the masses. So a couple years ago, I found a charming but run-down warehouse in West Oakland and got to work. Luckily, I found amazing partners and friends to join me on this journey. With grit and love and our own elbow grease we turned a rusty box into a glowing chocolate factory where anything is possible!

Interior of the Truffle Man chocolate factory. Photos by Shale Talifero 

On your Instagram, you mention a “chocolate temple.” What goes on in there?

The first time I witnessed a large cauldron full of melting chocolate, it was a holy experience! I understood why the Aztecs called chocolate the “food of the gods”. Combining chocolate with cannabis is clearly a thing of greatness and being a part of peoples’ experiences when enjoying our chocolates is an honor. So in our factory we’ve custom-made machinery, packaging, everything down to the pink floors was created to be a conduit to the limitless possibilities you may be looking to bring into your life.  Did that make sense? If it didn’t, don’t worry. We make delicious chocolate and we want you to enjoy everything about it.

How do you come up with your flavors?

When it comes to new flavors chocolate is a special canvas. We do lots of experimenting. And at the end of the day everything delicious is invited to the party. For our Truffies in particular we’ve found inspiration from all around the world. Launching with a few gems: Turkish coffee, Jamaican rum, and Sourdough Olive Oil. 

Philemon and Trevor, proudly showcasing newly-made Dad Grass Deluxe X Truffle Man THC + CBD Salted Caramel Photos by Shale Talifero 

Anything the Truffle Man is looking forward to? 

We hope to be available nationally, directly to your doorstep, by Valentine’s day this year.  How romantic, huh? But keep a look out for us because we’ll be popping up in our Copper Fudge Buggy everywhere. Will be sharing all the deets so follow us @Truffle.Man on Instagram and checkout our shop

Truffle Man's Copper Fudge Buggy transporting the precious goods. Photos by Shale Talifero 

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