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Jams & Joints #32: Chocolate Treasure

Thanks to San Francisco's not-so-hidden gem, the Truffle Man, we've gotten in touch with our sweet side and married Dad Grass Deluxe with some sweet chocolatey goodness. Now you can pop one of our Dad Grass Deluxe X Truffle Man THC + CBD Salted Caramel Truffies and get all silky milky with a playlist of cocoa-inspired tunes chosen by the chocolatier himself. 

(We've listed the tracks below in case you don't use Spotify)

Chocolate (feat. Trozé) | Big Boi, Trozé

Chocolate City (feat. Shirley Murdock) - Edit | Roger & Zapp, Shirley Murdock

Weedman | Channel Tres

Truffles | Mick Jenkins

The Candy Man | Sammy Davis Jr.

Savoy Truffle | Ella Fitzgerald

Hot Chocolate Boy | Beat Happening

Cream | Prince, The New Power Generation

Chocolate Rain | Tay Zonday

Truffle Butter | Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne

Chocolate Jesus | Tom Waits


For the past 15+ years, Trevor Sherard has been making high-end cannabis truffles and reinventing how chocolate lovers indulge into pure relaxation. Learn more about our guy Trevor in this interview with him here.   Trevor Truffleman Playlist

Truffle Man, Trevor Sherard, in his truck with his dog. Photos by Shale Talifero 

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