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Introducing: Mom Grass x Margo Price

If You Don't Know Her, Now You Know

You know when you find out about an artist, seemingly, before the rest of the world does? Margo Price is one of those artists for us. We were turned on to her by an old Hillbilly friend who had been singing her tunes. Her song “Hands of Time” reached out and grabbed us way back in 2016 and hasn’t let go since. So it was with great pride that we watched as her SNL debut later that year left the music world stunned.

We were glued to our screens when she partied it up with every dad’s favorite bon vivant, Anthony Bourdain, on his show Parts Unknown.

We were thrilled when she picked up a Grammy nom for Best New Artist in 2019. Not Best New Country Artist. Best New Artist. Period. Don’t put this babe in a box! The kicker? When she started hangin’ with Willie and played “Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die,” the Zen-Willie-Tao tome that guides us here at Dad Grass. They even launched a strain of weed together!   

She's At The Top Of Our Charts

But it’s not just her tunes that make her a perennial chart-topper here at Dad Grass HQ. It’s her extraordinarily unique but sublimely relatable Margo-ness. She’s a musician and author. Hard working mom and cannabis lover. She’s one of Nashville’s most loved voices, but she’s known to play outside of the pack. She’s blazed her own trail all while building a community around her. She’s dealt with profound loss, troubles from outside and in. But just like all of our heroes (moms, dads or otherwise) she pushes through, perseveres and turns those experiences into art that we can sing to, laugh to, dance to, cheers to, and hell, smoke a few joints to.

A Collaboration Is Born

When we heard rumblings that she was releasing both a memoir and a fourth album, we simply had to figure out a way to celebrate and support. So we sent up a smoke signal that reached all the way from LA to Nashville. Turns out, she’s a fan of ours too! And she particularly digs the mellow, creative vibes of Mom Grass CBG Joints and Flower. That really lit us up! We began scrawling out “Margo Grass” on the cover of our Peechee folders as we daydreamed about our future union. 

Mom Grass-Margo Price-Dad Hat

A Moment Of Max Margo-Ness

With her new book Maybe We’ll Make It now on shelves and her Jonathan Wilson-produced record Strays finally hitting the airwaves, we are lucky enough to share in this moment of maximum Margo-ness with our Mom Grass x Margo Price Collection. A collaboration of jams and joints that tunes into the kaleidoscope of deeply personal elements that drive her work. Done in the free-spirited key of Grass, of course, it’s got Mom Grass Packs and tins of Flower all wrapped up in special packaging along with handmade “Margo Grass” tie-dye tee shirts and embroidered denim mom hats.

Want more Margo?

We sat down with Margo for a quick conversation about our her journey with cannabis and our collaboration together. Read the full interview here.

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