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Q&A With Margo Price

The Baddest Mamma Jamma Marinates on Music, Marijuana & Mom Grass!

She's been nominated for a Grammy, partied with Bourdain, jammed with Willie and owned the top of the Dad Grass Charts since we first discovered her in early 2016. She’s the extraordinarily unique but sublimely relatable Margo Price. A musician and author. A hard working mom and cannabis lover. She’s one of Nashville's most loved voices, but she’s known to play outside of the pack. She turns tough times into beautiful art that we love to sing to, laugh to, dance to, cheers to, and hell, smoke a few joints to.

To say that we're super fans would be an understatement. When we found out she was a fan of ours, it really lit us up! Did we imagine we'd one day release a Mom Grass x Margo Price Collection (With Mom Grass Packs and tins of Flower all wrapped up in special packaging along with handmade “Margo Grass” tie-dye tee shirts and embroidered denim mom hats)? Never! 

Somewhere in between publishing her own memoir, releasing and touring her new record, and helping us put together some "highdeas" for our groovy collab, Margo took a moment to talk some Grass with us.  We particularly like her high steaks joke at the end. What can we say? We're suckers for puns.


How did you first discover Mom Grass?

I got a care package- maybe it was at Newport folks festival?! My old tour manager Mike O’Neil may have sent me some.

How would you describe your relationship with cannabis and CBD?

It’s medicinal, spiritual, creative and recreational. I have battled insomnia, menstral cramps, migranes, back pain, depression, hangovers, writers block and boredom with this beautiful plant grown on earth and was created by God.

Do you use it in any part of your creative process, whether that’s writing, recording or performing music?

I definitely get little lyric ideas when I’m stoned. (I call them “highdeas”). And I like to get a bit high and play guitar or go on a walk. I love to be out in nature, that’s where song ideas and melodies come to me sometimes. I don’t get stoned before I get on stage but I love to smoke a joint or take some edibles after my show. It’s been hard to get my adrenaline down after playing a big concert, so CBD, mints, tinctures and edibles help me out immensely.

Do you have any favorite weed (or mom grass)-related memories?

Well, my all time favorite weed memory is sharing a joint with Willie Nelson for the first time. That was at Farm Aid in 2016. It was the most surreal thing to be sitting there burning one with him. We started swapping jokes and laughing so hard, I thought I was gonna bust a gut.I brought him and his wife Annie some of my new Nature’s Grace edibles when I was visiting them once and I joked that bringing weed to Willie is like bringing sand back to the beach.

What inspired you to work on this project?

I want to help remove the stigma around cannabis and CBD, especially in the south. I believe pharmaceuticals companies are greedy and create terrible side effects and addiction. The war on ‘drugs’ needs to come to an end. Alcohol is incredibly dangerous and it’s estimated that it contributes to around three million deaths worldwide per year. Weed kills zero. Plant medicine is the future!

And what do you love about Mom Grass?

I love being able to smoke a little something mid day and take the edge off. I know I’m not gonna get so totally ripped that not be able to check out at the grocery store. Sometimes, actual THC can get you too high for your own good. If I’m dealing with a headache, back or hip pain or cramps and I want some relief, I don’t want to pop some Tylenol. It’s toxic to your liver. CBD checks all the boxes for an early day time.

What shaped the aesthetic of your new album, and therefore the aesthetic of this collection?

Many things shaped the aesthetic, including- Psilocybin mushrooms, my new memoir, nature, poetry, love, rebellion, anger, forgiveness. Cannabis, California, Topanga Canyon, Jonathan Wilson, Joni Mitchell, folk music, mezcal tequila, MDMA, women’s orgasms, Patti Smith, Tom Petty, Mike Campbell & the all Heartbreakers, psychedelics, Led Zeppelin, rock and roll, experimentation, freedom.

Anything else you'd like us to know?

Did you hear about the three cows smoking weed and playing poker?
The steaks were high!

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