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Introducing: Mom Grass Flower

Meet Mom Grass CBG Flower

Last year, we turned the weed world upside down with the introduction of Mom Grass CBG Joints. “CBG?” (they asked). “No, it’s not a typo!” (we replied). 

Since debuting our brand way back in 2020, we’d been helping people get hip to hemp CBD, the main ingredient in Dad Grass Joints, Flower and Tinctures. But then we started rolling up doobies that were rich with this rare, powerful and mysterious new cannabinoid, known as the “Mother of All Cannabinoids.” (In case you were wondering, that’s why we called it Mom Grass.)

Premium CBG Flower In Tin - Mom Grass CBG

Mom Grass CBG Flower Quarter Ounce Tin

Scientists had already begun celebrating CBG’s potential health benefits. Early reports from our friends confirmed that smoking our Mom Grass CBG Joints took their anxiety away, diminished their aches and pains but left them with a pleasant, clear-headed, euphoric feeling. And when the editors at trusted news sources like Vice, Nylon, Marie Claire, The Daily Beast and Gear Patrol got their first tokes, they touted it as “an excellent introduction into the new world of CBG” and “the hot shot new kid in town.”

We started with pre-rolled joints in various sizes and configurations: 5 Packs, Twoobies and 1G Classics. Later we brought forth the 10 Pack. And we also dropped some Mom Grass Mellow Yellow™ merch along the way.

Now, at long last and by popular demand, we are introducing Mom Grass CBG Flower. 

Mom Grass CBG Hemp Flower - Half Ounce Tin Pack

Mom Grass CBG Flower Half Ounce Tin

This mamma jamma is the final piece of our parental puzzle. The icing on our CBG cake. Available in Quarter Ounce and Half Ounce tins, this is Mom Grass. Pure and simple. 

Mom Grass Flower is just choice nugs of 100% Organic CBG hemp responsibly grown in small batches under the sun. Slow dried. Hand trimmed. Carefully cured and thoroughly inspected. Sealed for freshness inside a Mellow Yellow™ tin along with Dad Grass Premium Rolling Papers and a 2-way humidity control pack to keep it all extra fresh. 

Break it up and you’re ready to roll. If you’re going for that entourage effect, you can mix it with Dad Grass CBD Flower. Mom and Dad make quite a team. 

Dad Grass_Blog_Mom Grass_Flower_Launch

Mom Grass CBG Flower Quarter Ounce Tin

Or if it’s your preference, pack it in a bowl. We find this to be an excellent joint-alternative for both quick tokes on-the-go (we like one-hitters and homemade metal pipes for this) and long, contemplative smoke sessions (nothing beats a traditional Sherlock-style tobacco pipe).   

Mom Grass CBG Flower is easy on the eyes and mellow to toke. High in CBG (14.5%+) and rich with terpenes (you’ll get some whiffs of soothing Chamomile in this batch). All of the good stuff, none of the bad. Just a classic recipe that’s known to help heal the body and soothe the soul.

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