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BLACK FRIDAY Spend $100 and get a FREE Dad Grass 5 Pack.

Spend $200 and get a FREE Dad Grass 5 Pack plus a quarter oz of flower.

Spend $300 and get a FREE Dad Grass 5 Pack, a quarter oz of flower and a Tincture!

A New Kind of Stash For Your Grass

Hide Your Dad Grass Hemp CBD Flower In Plain Sight With Our Dad Stash Flower Decoy Magnets! 

Your Grass ain't for your kids. And certainly not for their friends. As students of the ancient art of stashing grass, we understand how crucial it is that you keep your goods safe from prying eyes and sticky fingers. Last year, we introduced the first phase of our revolutionary stashing system: A series of decoy sleeves that discreetly conceal your 5-packs of joints. Now, thanks to our latest innovation in stashing technology, you can also hide your tins of Dad Grass Flower in plain sight.

Each Flower Dad Stash magnet makes your tin of Dad Grass flower look like a different unassuming household item. Like our 5-Pack Dad Stashes, our first four Flower Dad Stashes are designed to blend in perfectly to the most grass-critical zones in the home: The garage, the bathroom, the kitchen and wherever you treat your pets.

Choose from one of our four new Flower Stashes, available with either the Quarter or Half Ounce tins of Dad Grass Flower. Or get the Flower Dad Stash Bundle, which comes with all four of our Dad Stash decoy magnets.

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