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The Dad Grass x George Harrison All Things Must Grass Dad Stash

Hide Your Joints In Plain Sight

The Dad Stash is our revolutionary stashing system that lets you hide your grass in plain sight. If you're new to this signature move of Dad Grass trickery, you may want to check out our Stash that looks like a tin of sardines or the one that looks like a box of fireworks.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of George's seminal recording, we’ve created an “All Things Must Grass” 5 Pack Dad Stash that makes your pack of Special Blend Joints look like the double cassette boxes released back in the day. 

If you’ve still got a dusty shelf of outdated media, slide this Dad Stash between the Boz Scaggs albums and disco compilations your mom bought you in grade school. Nobody’s touched those things for years. Your kids don’t even know what they are. You’ll be safe until you finally get around to the remodel.

George’s Stash

"I’m a tidy bloke. I keep records in the record rack, tea in the tea caddy, pot in the pot box," said George to the London Times, after being arrested for having of 570 grains (36.9g) of grass laying about the house. 

Like most dads, George had a weed stash box. But way back in 1969, he obviously hadn't yet perfected the art of keeping his grass hidden in plain sight. Busted! We like to imagine that, if Dad Grass was around then, we would have had him covered.

All Things Must Pass

In 1970, George Harrison All Things Must Pass was released, his first solo album after the break-up of the Beatles. All Things Must Pass has only grown in influence and stature in the half-century since its initial release, including induction in the GRAMMY® Hall of Fame and inclusion on The Times of London’s “The 100 Best Albums of All Time” and Rolling Stone’s 2020 listing of “The Top 500 Albums of All Time.” Pitchfork declared it to have “changed the terms of what an album could be.” In 2021, the Harrison family released a suite of 50th anniversary editions which won the Grammy for ‘Best Boxed Or Special Limited Edition Package’ category and pushed the album back into the Top 10s around the world upon its reissue. 


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