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Zoom Dad Grass - Dad Stash Can
Zoom Dad Grass x CREEM - Bud Howdy! Dad Stash Can
Zoom Dad Grass x CREEM - Bud Howdy! Dad Stash Can back
Zoom Dad Grass x CREEM - Bud Howdy! Dad Stash
Zoom Dad Grass CREEM - Bud Howdy! Dad Stash Can
Zoom CREEM - Bud Howdy! Dad Stash Can
Zoom Dad Grass x CREEM - Bud Howdy!

Dad Grass x CREEM - Bud Howdy! Dad Stash Can

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We’ve partnered with CREEM, “America’s only rock ‘n’ roll magazine,” for the latest evolution of our revolutionary grass stashin’ solution. A beer can with a lid that screws off so you can hide your weed in plain sight. But it’s not just any beer can. This Bud Howdy! Dad Stash Can is a remake of the most iconic fake beer there never was (read more about it below) featuring a slightly stoney version of the CREEM mascot and symbol of the rock underground, Boy Howdy!, an original R. Crumb creation. 

About CREEM:

In 1969, CREEM was launched in Detroit as a raw, unfiltered, unapologetic rock ‘n’ roll magazine, and ushered in a new era of raucous, participatory journalism. The mag broke barriers, rattled cages, and connected people to music in a way that has never been replicated. Today, CREEM has risen to reclaim their mantle as America’s only rock ‘n’ roll magazine. Because when was the last time you had any fun reading about music? Trust us. Subscribe now, only at

“Set the bar pretty high for honest, heartfelt journalism” –The Village Voice

“Truth in a glossy magazine, with its gritty and grimy heart still intact” –NPR

“Brash, messy, and super opinionated” –The Vinyl District

About the Boy Howdy! Beer Can:

America’s only rock ’n’ roll magazine is also the creator of the most iconic fake beer in rock history. Since 1969, CREEM has photographed everyone from The Ramones to Tina Turner hoisting the Boy Howdy! beer can, which depicts CREEM mascot and symbol of the rock underground, Boy Howdy!, an R. Crumb original creation.

About Our Dad Stashes

Maybe it was in an old coffee can in the garage. Maybe it was wrapped in an old faded bandana, wedged between his favorite records. Either way, you probably knew, or at least suspected, that your dad liked to get high once in a while. And like any good Dad, he was always prepared. Along with the original vinyls, favorite drink and out-of-reach memorabilia, your dad’s stash of grass was there to keep his soul light and his head right.

You’re all grown up now and you probably have a stash of your own. If you’re lucky, you might even have a few perfectly rolled J’s from your friends at Dad Grass in there.  It’s reserved for slow-dances after date nights, long summer evenings with the neighbors or those rare moments of solitude and self reflection. It’s not for the kids. And certainly not for their friends.  You’ve got to keep some things sacred, so you try to keep your stash hidden away just like your Dad did. 

As students of the ancient art of stashing grass, a tradition that dates all the way back to 8000BC, we’ve seen and tried it all. So believe us when we tell you that your secret spot probably isn’t a secret.  It may even be the first place they look! But there’s no need to stress.  We’ve got you covered with our series of Dad Stashes, an ever-evolving but always-revolutionary stashing system that lets you hide your grass in plain sight. 


Warning: If you really want to keep your Dad Grass (or anything, for that matter) away from your kids, parents or other sets of sticky fingers, try the classic ‘lock and key’ approach. Dad Stashes are not child-proof nor are they guaranteed to dupe everytime. 

Dad Grass x CREEM - Bud Howdy! Dad Stash Can


Boy Howdy! Beer

The most iconic fake beer there never was.

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The Rebirth of CREEM by JJ Kramer

My father left CREEM to me. I was four years old.

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