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Boy Howdy! Beer: The Most Iconic Fake Beer There Never Was

Hey there! What do Keith Richards, Tina Turner, KISS, and Rick James....and now Dad Grass...all have in common? Every one of them has made a testimonial to the cream of CREEM: Boy Howdy Beer! 

That’s right, in every issue of CREEM, the stars come out, promoting Boy Howdy! Beer–the champagne of rock ‘n’ roll beers and the most iconic fake beer there never was. Featuring CREEM mascot and symbol of the rock underground, Boy Howdy!, an original R. Crumb creation. Name any major rock star from the golden era–heck, name any not-so-major one, too–and they’ve likely hoisted a Boy Howdy! Beer in the pages of CREEM. 

There are zillions of ways to get your name in the papers, but only one way to slake your thirst for CREEM. The quality standards set in the dawn of the 70s have been on a Wild Mouse ride through the Highlands, the Lowlands, and the Barstools. Every drop’s a hoot.

Always say Boy Howdy!


Below's a picture of our Dad Grass x CREEM - Bud Howdy! Dad Stash Can featured in this month's issue. The Grasstray didn't make it in there but it's worth a moment in the spotlight too (if you ask us!). 



Check out some of our other favorite "CREEM'S Profiles" (their ongoing series of interviews with rock stars sipping on Boy Howdy! Beers, straight from the CREEM Archive).











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