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DAD GRASS GUMMIES The Most Delicious New Way To Take Weed

Full Toke

Smoking may not be “cool” (whatever dad!), but it is the best known way to take advantage of the complete potential the magical hemp plant has to offer. When high quality hemp buds are smoked, large amounts of CBD and trace amounts of THC go straight into your system for maximum benefit. Sure, you can get your CBD and some of the other good stuff from tinctures, edibles and even sunscreen. But these products usually don’t have the 113 known cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes that all work together to give you that full plant experience. Think of it this way: Would you rather eat an orange or take a vitamin D tablet? We would reach for that deliciously juicy fruit every time. Disclaimer: Smoking hemp has all the risks that come with smoking any sort of herb. Kids certainly shouldn’t do it. Everyone else should do it responsibly.


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