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What’s The Difference Between Dad Grass and Mom Grass?

It's All In The Family!

Ever since we started Dad Grass, people have been asking us, “What about Mom Grass?”. Well, it’s finally here. Mom Grass CBG Joints are now available in a range of classic configurations including the 5 Pack, Twoobie and a 1G Classic.

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We call it Mom Grass because CBG is the mother of all cannabinoids, not because it’s exclusively for moms. The same way Dad Grass isn’t just for dudes or dads. Sure, moms seem to love it. But so do dads, adult children, grandparents and pretty much everyone else who’s tried it.

Mom Grass and Dad Grass share a lot of the same familial traits. Both are made from sun-grown smokable hemp flower that’s low in THC and rich with a full spectrum of tasty terpenes and cannabinoids. And both are known to deliver a smooth, clear-headed buzz that widens your smile while relaxing both your body and your mind. But as with most parents, once you get to know ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ as individuals you’re likely to discover that they each have their own way of doing things. The great news is that, in this family, you don’t necessarily have to pick a side.

A growing body of scientific research indicates that CBD (the active ingredient in Dad Grass) and CBG (the active ingredient in Mom Grass) work in similar ways but have different effects on your mind and body. Our own internal studies (which involve us smoking a lot of joints and getting customer feedback through top-secret trials) have given us a pretty good sense of the effects you’re likely to expect from each.

See the chart below for a helpful guide.

Dad Grass CBD joints vs Mom grass cbg joints comparison

But if you’re trying to decide whether you’re Team Dad Grass or Team Mom Grass, our recommendation is that you give ‘em both a chance. Maybe you’ll find yourself turning to your Mom Grass CBG joints to get those creative juices flowing. And maybe Dad Grass will become the go-to for your end-of-day wind downs. Or maybe you’ll end up with one in each hand while you smoke your way to your own perfectly balanced bliss. There’s actually some compelling data that suggest CBG and CBD work best together, just like our folks. So why the hell not, right?

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Mom Grass and Dad Grass Packs Twoobies and Classic Joints

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