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Vice Is S(toked) To Pass The Dutchie To Their Dogs

Vice Is In Puppy Love With Our New CBD Dog Bones

We know the minds over at Vice have gotten a kick out of our human treats but are dog lovers through and through, so we couldn't wait to send them over our CBD Dog Bones

"Not sure what went down in your friend group during COVID, but in these parts (aka people in their early 30s in LA), everyone went into quarantine for about a year and then reemerged as a proud dog parent. Unfortunately, because it was hard to thoroughly socialize all of these homebound puppies and rescue pets with all of that, well, pandemic happening, there is an overabundance of well-meaning but not-so-well-adjusted doggos out there. Think separation anxiety, poor sportsmanship at the dog park, and guarding behavior."

Enter Dad Grass CBD. Doggy style. Infused with the same high-quality, full-spectrum Organic CBD oil we put in our human treats, Dad Grass Dog Bones are lovingly baked in small batches with only 100% USDA Certified Organic ingredients including bone-a-fied pumpkins for that flavor they'll savor. They're vegan. Gluten & dairy free. And tested by certified third-party labs for purity and potency so you can rest assured knowing your best friend's getting all the mellow goodness of the cannabis plant but nothing that will get them high or feeling low.

"Each bone (think Milkbone-esque treats, not an actual goat femur or whatever) contains four milligrams of CBD, so they’re an easy-to-dose, natural, non-scary way of helping your dog manage stress and anxiety—whether that’s from car trips, fireworks, houseguests, or their annoying-ass owner (you). Because each individual bone is suitable for lightweights, they’ll work for dogs of all sizes." 

They're delicious daily dose of chill and all-natural wellness. For the dog that wants to stay light on their paws, keep their fur fabulous and take a bit of the edge off after dealing with us humans all day. 

"As always, Dad Grass has released some fun merch to accompany the bones, including a stupid-cute chew toy." 

Read the whole piece here

Jealous of your pups latest treat? Don't be! Dad Grass makes people treats too. From CBD Joints and Flower, CBG Joints and Flower and Tinctures for every occasion. 


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