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Pass The Joy - A #HomeForTheHolidaze Video

There’s plenty of reason to be hyped around the holidaze. Joy can be hidden in the last Chanukah candle, snuck in a Christmas carol, wrapped under the tree, smothered in cranberries or rolled in a joint. But we mostly find it in our loved ones...and the things that bring us together. Maybe we’re biased, but we’ve found Dad Grass to be one of the things that sparks up that joy. When we pass a joint, we’re passing a whole lot more - stories, secrets, laughs, connection, whatever. And sometimes, we’re just passing a joint.


All tokes aside, family means a lot to us. Big or small, traditional or not-so-much, kin or hand selected; our families are perfect just the way they are. And this holiday season, we are especially grateful to be at home with our loved ones to spread our joy, pass the gravy and tell some stories. 

Call us sentimental stoners, but we never get sick of hearing those “back-in-my-day” nuggets, especially when they’re shared along with a joint. In that spirit, we’re dedicating the month of December to our families, the traditions (old or new) that lighten us up and the moments of holiday togetherness that pair oh-so-sweetly with Dad Grass.  

Happy Holidaze, from our fam to yours.


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