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Our Pride 2022 Family

The family that slays together stays together. For us, family goes a whole lot deeper that “moms” and “dads.” Because being a family means more than who who share DNA with. To us, family is the group of loved ones who sees us and shows up when the going gets tough.

To celebrate our “family pride” this year, we collaborated with queer creatives Humberto Cruz, Fran Gomez de Villaboa and CAMP, a multidisciplinary production company representing the underrepresented, on a Pride 2022 Collection that colors outside the family lines and celebrates families of all shape and size. Fran captured a trio of families that proudly color outside of the lines, Humberto added even more technicolor love with custom illustrations and CAMP created a series of vibey videos to really capture the moment. We feel honored to have had the privilege of partnering with these beautiful families, and even more honored that we get to introduce them to you.

Kiki House of Versace

Dad Grass-Pride 2022

The Kiki House of Versace was founded in August 2018 in Philadelphia by Iconic Founding Father Mike Versace. Lara Versace, who started her ballroom career as the first Belgian Butch Queen Voguing Fem in 2016, joined the house in NYC in January 2019 and brought the house to Europe. She debuted as European Mother at the Naomi Campbell Kiki Function on 1 September 2019 in London. The journey of the house in Europe began with a few members in Paris. When Lara moved from Belgium to London at the end of 2019, she founded the UK chapter which now counts 11 members. Currently, the House of Versace has 33 members in over 6 European countries and is still growing. The house prides itself on putting family first, and ballroom second.

Serge & Jose

Dad Grass-Pride 2022-Family Bio-Sergey-Jose

There is no fate or destiny. We are not born with a pre-written story. But sometimes two people meet at the right time and in the right place and it just happens. And it happened to us. We met in London, fell in love, moved in together after just four months and never looked back. 13 years later we have travelled the world together, we live together, we work together, we socialise together, and we still don't want to kill each other ... most of the time :) We have fun together, real fun. We help each other live and know when to give each other space. We care for each other, and sometimes we shout at each other. But we can count on each other and are there when it matters most. We will grow old together. We are happy together. We are family.

Antonio, Todd & Riccardo

Dad Grass-Pride 2022-Family Bio-Throuple

Antonio, Todd and I have been a family for 4 years; 2018 was when Todd entered our life. Antonio and I have been together for the past 9 years. Todd is Antonio’s other partner, meaning that Todd and I are not romantically involved. Our trio is the main nucleus of our family, but we all are free to date people outside if we want to. We all live in the same house, in London, with our two cats and a pet snake. It took some time to find the perfect set up for our family, but what we have feels safe, comfortable, and full of love no matter how much we can also annoy each other.

Dad Grass-Pride Portrait

Dad Grass-Pride Portrait

Dad Grass-Pride Portrait

Dad Grass-Pride Portrait

Dad Grass-Pride Portrait

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