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DAD GRASS GUMMIES The Most Delicious New Way To Take Weed

Joints: Pure In Form, Simple In Function.

Let’s Take A Moment To Talk About Joints

Long before there were vapes, dab rigs and triple-bubble water bongs, there were joints. There is nothing more perfect than a good ol’ fashioned joint. Pure in form and simple in function, joints are still the most classic way to enjoy a casual smoke. Over the years, we have seen many different types; fatties and pinners, twisted and folded, filtered and not. And after decades of R&D (if you know what we mean!), we landed on what we believe is the ideal joint. Like everything we do at Dad Grass, it’s nothing fancy or new. It’s quite basic really. Perfectly ground 100% organic hemp flower. No sticks, stems or seeds. No trim or shake. A simple paper filter. All wrapped up in 100% natural papers and folded at the end to keep the good stuff in. A timeless style that’s easy to burn.


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