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Jams & Joints #28: Ode To The Road

A Playlist And Interview With Jeffrey Silverstein

We're friends with the band, man.Jeffrey Silverstein is a songwriter living in Portland, Oregon. We got turned on to him way back in 2020 over some instagram DM's and mutual admiration for good jams and good joints. Oh modern love. We we're lucky enough to have Jeffrey create one of our earliest playlists a few years ago, Jams & Joints #2.   

His latest release Western Sky Music (which is absolutely killer) and his tour dates kicking off tonight with another Dad Grass favorite, Circles Around The Sun, presented an excuse we didn't need to get back together talk music, motivation, mary jane and the best album to lighten' up a Dad Grass jay to. Check out the interview here, then hop in the truck and turn it up for Jeff's "Ode to the Road" Jams & Joints #28 playlist.


Don't miss seeing Jeffrey Silverstein and Circle Around The Sun perform live this Fall starting in Portland October 12, Seattle October 13 & 14 and Eugene October 15. Once they've lightened up Washington, they're heading to California. Get tour tickets here.

How did you first learn about Dad Grass?

Alyssa Dehayes, who runs my label Arrowhawk Records, put me on. Put together a country-funk centered playlist for DG back in 2020.  

Do you remember the first time you smoked grass?

One hundred percent, I was in eighth grade. Under my deck with an older friend who lived up the street. Used a tiny metal pipe that burnt my hand and mouth. No idea whether I got stoned or not but I remember eating a hot pocket afterwards and being hyped. 

Have you ever been too damn high?

A few too many times. 

What made you fall in love with live music?

Live music gave a concrete visual of something I could work towards for myself. It gave me an early sense of community and the power of people sharing an experience together. 

How does grass play a role in your experience with music?

Not much these days. It’s not part of my writing or creative process. Mostly used as a bonus treat or way to celebrate finishing a great show or recording session. 

What’s your favorite album to toke to?

Hard to beat. If Could Only Remember My Name

Any advice on crafting the perfect playlist to light up to?

Ground it in a mood or feeling. Consider the audience (if you’ll be listening with others) and balance deep cuts with familiar favorites.

(We've listed the tracks and notes below in case you don't use Spotify)

Ode To The Road | Dan Horne

Quite a Feelin’ | Barna Howard

Flowers on the Highway | Jeffrey Silverstein

Mexican Adderall | Natural Child

CRUISIN’ | Free Beer

Destined Road | Sand

Chase the Dream | Faux Ferocious

Ancient Jules | Steve Gunn

Cruisin USA | Half Stack

Gilbert’s Groove (ft. Neal Casal) | Circles Around The Sun

Travellin’ | The Jeremy Spencer Band

Lonesome Traveler | Ray Bryant

Gasoline | Chip Taylor

Roll On Columbia | Country Joe McDonald

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