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Jams & Joints #24: Mother's Day With Dr. Dre

Meet Dre. The Latest Member Of The Team

This Mother's Day 2023 playlist is especially curated by Andrea Knopf, Operations Director at Dad Grass. You can thank her for ten tasty tunes and all those jammin' joints that show up right on time directly to your doorstep.

"I am beyond thrilled to have recently joined the Dad Grass team as the Director of Operations! From the moment I walked through the doors, I knew that this was the place for me. I wake up every morning excited to come to work and tackle whatever the day throws my way. And the best part? We get to do it all while helping people discover the incredible benefits of CBD.


I'm also a mom of two energetic boys, and let me tell you, keeping up with them is no easy feat. That's why I always start my day with music, coffee, and a drop of Mom Grass tincture - it's my secret weapon for staying on my toes and keeping my cool. 

Music has always been a huge part of my life. In fact, I met my husband in Vienna, Austria, and we used to send each other playlists as a way of staying connected during our long-distance relationship. It was like sending love letters through music. Now, we’ve passed our love of music down to our kids, and it's become a way for us to connect and have fun as a family. 

As a working mom at Dad Grass, music helps me set the tone for my day, whether I'm hustling the kids out the door for school or driving into work. I play all genres of music throughout my home; from classical, jazz, to rock, electro, hip hop and k-pop. I’m a former competitive dancer so I love the feeling of being moved by the music. My youngest takes after me in that way.  He can’t help but move his little body when he hears a good tune and often carries that energy all the way to bedtime! 

If you ever see me bopping my head to some tunes while juggling work at Dad Grass and motherhood, just know that I've got some help - Music + Mom Grass helps me power through the day and stay centered, focused, and energized so I can be the best mom and leader I can be." 



(We've listed the tracks and notes below in case you don't use Spotify)

Days Go By | SBTRKT, Toro y Moi - This new track from SBTRKT w/ Toro y Moi pumps me up. SBTRKT has such a special place in my heart as he was one of the artists my husband and I connected over during our long distance relationship.

 La Di Da | The Internet - The Internet is from my hometown of LA. Their music helped me get through pandemic fatigue. In the second week of lockdown, my 18-month-old son cracked his head open in the backyard. We were frantic, but he got fixed up and came home to their music, started dancing as if he hadn't just gotten 8 staples in his head.

Kothek | Klaus Johann Grobe - My husband intro’d me to this Swiss duo and I love everything they have put out. My husband speaks German to my kids so KJG is on constant rotation in our household.

Home | Kokoroko - Home is wherever my family is and this beautiful song reminds me to be in the present when I am with them.

Makes You Fly | Nice Guys, Dumbo Gets Mad - I love this song. It ignites the party flame in me and I dance around the house with my boys. 

Don’t Fade Away | Beach Fossils - I am a SoCal girl through and through and while Beach Fossils are from Brooklyn, this song reminds me of my younger carefree self, running around LA on a beautiful sunny day.

Where is my Mind? | Pixies -  One evening while getting the kids ready for bedtime, my younger son Otto starts singing “with my feet in the air and my head on the ground” and belting all the “Where is my Mind?” lyrics out of nowhere. I found out later my husband played it for him and it is one of Otto’s favorites now.

Everything Nice | Jaako Eino Kalevi, Farao - This is one of my favorite songs from this Finnish musician. I’m really thankful my kids can enjoy music from all genres as we can enjoy it together.

Silly Love Songs | Wings - This was the song we played on the way home from the hospital after my first son Lucas was born. I was overcome with emotion, ugly sobbing in the back seat, completely overwhelmed, exhausted, scared but so in love with my baby.

Cat Rider (Poolside Remix) | Little Dragon - So the remix version of this Little Dragon song only exists on Soundcloud and nowhere else! When I first heard this remix in 2014, it just swept me away and made me feel I was floating without a care in the world. It’s the only mp3 that lives on my phone till this day.

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