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Jams & Joints #12: Mama Jamas

For your listening pleasure, we've put together a medley of mom songs for a melange of moms. Spark up a Mom Grass CBG joint for the 'opti-mom' listening experience.  

(We've listed the tracks and notes below in case you don't use Spotify)

Dear Mama | 2Pac | Starting off with the late, great rapper & poet who said it best. You are appreciated. 

Grandma's Hands | Bill Withers | Sweet, sweet soul. Remember to call your Grandma today.

Hey Leroy, Your Mama's Callin' You | Jimmy Castor | Something to get all those little ones dancing 'round the house.

True, Fine Mama | Little Richard |  We're pretty sure you don't listen to enough Little Richard, honey.

Mama Said | The Shirelles | I don't worry, cause mama said there'd be days like this.

Mother Popcorn | James Brown | Maceo and the band lay it down for the King of Soul to do his thing

She's a Bad Mama Jama | Carl Carlton | Whomever/whatever the word mom means to you, grab 'em and boogie to this 80's classic

Mother & Child Reunion | Paul Simon | There's lots of interpretations circling out there about this one. Some believe it's about a chicken and egg soup Simon once ate (wild!). Whatever the truth actually is, it's fact that this is a perfect tune to connect, smile and love with your nearest and dearest.

Crazy Mama | J.J. Cale | Naturally this song made it on the list.  This blues tune with its pleasant lilt is what you wanna listen to on Sunday morning while you're whippin' up your mama some breakfast in bed.

Mama Tried | Grateful Dead | The boys take Merle's classic and make it a mainstay in their set for a few decades.  This one from 1970 is a particularly fine example.

Motorcycle Mama | Neil Young | Dunno about y'all but our moms most certainly did not ride motorcycles (and might not love that we do, sorry mom!). What we do know is Nicolette Larson absolutely SHINES in this late 70's B-side.

Mama, You've Been On My Mind | Jeffy Buckley | One of the sweetest rendition of this Dylan classic

Save It Pretty Mama | Louis Armstrong | Whether it be a mimosa, a bloody, or some coffee, sit back and enjoy this tune and the strong-ass mothers in your life today, and every day

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