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Jams & Joints 17: Halloweed

A Monster Mash-Up To Pair With Mom Grass

This Halloween, we're hoarding twisted tunes next to our candy bars. From songs cooked up from the Reigning Queen of Rock n' Roll herself to banned-by-the-BBC ballads, we've curated the Mummy of all Halloween party playlists.  

We suggest pairing it with one of our new Mom Grass 10 Packs. Each of the 10 joints is stuffed full of soothing CBG that will keep the heebie jeebies at bay. It's the Mummy of all cannabinoids, after all. 

(We've listed the tracks and notes below in case you don't use Spotify)

Vampire Blues | Neil Young | Who knew that a subliminal eco message could be so... catchy. This year, ditch the fangs and grab your oil drill for a seriously scary costume.

Sorcerer | Stevie Nicks | No Halloween playlist worth one's salt would leave out Mother Witch, herself. Stevie never disappoints. Never.

Strange Magic | Electric Light Orchestra | Not a whole lot needs to be said about any ELO song - just tune in, tune out and light up and let the magic take you away.

Black Magic Woman | Santana | Originally written by Fleetwood Mac in '68, "Black Magic Woman" became a Santana staple when he released this cover in 1970.

She's Not There | The Zombies | Breakin' up is hard to do (and can make monsters of us all).

Season of the Witch | Donovan | This track has been praised as a pure reflection of the dawn of the psychedelic pop era. How groovy.

Jack the Ripper | Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages | This track was banned by the BBC upon its release in '63, better play it twice for good measure.

Psycho Killer | Talking Heads | Bet ya didn't know this fa fa fa-nomenal track was inspired by Norman Bates - the iconic killer in Psycho.

Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) | David Bowie | Let's be real, we should all dress up as Bowie at least once a year. Scary Monsters is the definitive expression of a tortured mind. Can't you just feel the angst?

Werewolves of London | Warren Zevon | A Halloween banger fit to be blasted 24/7, 365 days a year.

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