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Introducing The Safety Kit Dad Stash

We're proud to announce our newest Dad Stash, a decoy pack sleeve that looks like a mountain safety kit. It's a mountain-high edition of our revolutionary stashing system, sparked up in collaboration with our friends at Mountain Gazette. Pow!

This one’s for the lifties, dishwashers, bartenders, patrollers, folks who plow roads, MG subscribers, DG die-hards, and the shreddy and heady girls and guys who make mountain towns tick. You know who you are. And you know what we mean when we call for a “safety meeting!”

Next time you tuck into the trees for a good shake of the giggle bush, come prepared with your trusty Safety Kit. It may be useless for cuts and scratches. But it’s the clutch container for your tasty burns. And when you’re apres after a long day, your pack of Dad Grass joints will stay sheltered from those groms and tourists. They’ll just think you’re really into safety. And well, you are.

Never Heard of Mountain Gazette? 

Yes. Magazines do still exist. This one's filled with groovy pictures and articles you can actually sit down and read! Founded in 1966 and revived in 2020 for a modern era, Mountain Gazette is the original outdoor magazine. Their motto is “when in doubt, go higher.” But we’re mellow dudes. So this lap, they agreed to go lower with us. 

They even let us "reprint" the story of their survival on our blog. It's written by the legendary Dick Dorworth and it pairs well with a Dad Grass joint (or two, depending on how fast you read).



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