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Introducing: The Dad Grass X Slowtide Beach Towel

A classic, no-frills towel that does exactly what it’s supposed to do: absorb water and provide a groovy-lookin’ protective layer between your hot bod and the sand, pool furniture and grass as well as other natural or man-made conditions. Perfect for lounging on while you light up, drop in or chow down on a Dad Grass dose of chill.

We collaborated with Slowtide, the chillest towel masters of our time, because we dig their commitment to quality and knew they could deliver a Dad Grass-version of our favorite merch towels from the 80s that are so hard to find these days. Heck, if the Grateful Dead, The Beatles and WuTang trusted them…

In preparation of our collaboration, we dipped our toes into the traveling cloths from our childhood. Check out or inspiration compilation here.


Dad grass-Dlowtide-Beach Towel

About Slowtide: The Art Of Toweling

When is a towel…more than a towel? When it’s a Slowtide towel! Slowtide is a collaboration of three friends (just like Dad Grass!) who strive to create high quality products that are universally useful.  From surfing, to camping, to yoga, and more, they set out to create a premium product that fit every activity and looked good doing it. Sure, helping you go from wet-to-dry is their main mission. But they’re also pretty good at using their towels as a canvas to collaborate with some pretty big-deal artists & musicians including Takashi Murakami, Clark Little, Kevin Lyons, Grateful Dead, The Beatles and Pink Floyd.

Dad grass-Dlowtide-Beach Towel

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