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Introducing The Christmas 2021 Collection

Father Christmas Has Some New Tricks Up His Coat Sleeve

Luckily You Made It Onto His "Nice" List

Have a holly jolly Christmas with our inaugural Dad Grass Christmas Collection. Bring extra Yuletide cheer to the holiday party with our brand new Christmas Gift Wrap Dad Stash (so you can hide your frankincense in plain sight). For all non-joint related gifting, we've got a Christmas-themed Dad Hat and Tee as well as Dad Grass Christmas Wrapping Paper featuring Santa Rollie. When he's not lighting the Chanukah candles, our little red-eyed Rollie puts on his other hat to lend Santa Claus a helping paw up in the North Pole. So don't forget to leave extra dog treats and maybe a couple doggie doobies next to the cookies this year.

The Christmas Gift Wrap Dad Stash

Ready To Stuff Your Stocking Or Stash Under The Tree

Dad Grass Christmas Gift Wrap 5 Pack Dad Stash

Santa Rollie Merch Is Comin' To Town!

So Be Good For Goodness Sake!

Dad Grass Santa Rollie Tee & Dad Hat

We’re giving Father Christmas a break this year by giving our mascot, Rollie, a Santa Hat of his very own. He’s a gift in and of himself but we’re celebrating him two-fold by making him the star of a very special version of our Dad Hat and our custom-to-us Tees handmade and screenprinted in downtown LA.

Dad Grass Christmas Wrapping Paper

The North Pole Could Never

Dad Grass Christmas Wrapping Paper

Like rolling papers. For your gifts. Sets of ten 20" x 29" sheets of Dad Grass Christmas wrapping paper featuring Rollie in a Santa hat, Christmas trees, our Dad Van (AKA 'The Hot Box') turned sleigh for the season, a sack full o’ nugs, ornaments, candles, mistletoe and, of course, snowflakes with a hemp secret. 

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