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Introducing Dad Grass x Yusuke Komori Tees

Have A Grateful Day

We’ll admit that we’re often a few steps behind the viral trends. Heck, you might even hear us talking about a meme a week after it was posted (the audacity!). 

But there's no doubt that the weird world of the interwebs can be a wonderful place. Case-in-point? It brought us to our latest collaborator: Yusuke Komori, the artistic mind behind Have A Grateful Day who fills the world (and your feed) with Grateful Dead inspired floral whimsy. 

Dad Grass_Blog_Yusuke Komori_Have A Grateful Day Tee

Yusuke Komori of Have A Grateful Day

We reached out to him way back in the dark ages of 2020 to brighten up our days with a Komori take on the Dad Grass vibe. After sliding into each other's DM's with different hand-drawn designs and less artsy logistical coordination (to screen-print, or not to screen-print, that is the question), the fruits of our virtual, trans-Pacific collaboration was born. 

Japan-based Komori-San was generous enough to draw us his version of our Dad Grass logo, wreathed with a mix of Mom Grass Mellow Yellow™ flowers and the leaves from our favorite plant (surprise, they’re hemp leaves!). There’s a chill-A-F butterfly on there too.

Dad Grass_Blog_Yusuke Komori_Design_BreakoutDad Grass_Yusuke Komori_Wreath_Outline

Yusuke Komori's hand-drawn design layers

We were so grateful for the artwork that we screen printed it onto our custom-to-us unisex Dad Grass tees. Limited to an edition of 50, each of these buttery-soft numbers are made from 100% cotton and are cut, sewn, washed and printed in Downtown LA, only a few blocks from where we roll all our joints. 

Dad Grass_Blog_Yusuke Komori_Tee

Dad Grass x Yusuke Komori Tee

Just like the first flowers in Spring, this super limited edition capsule is here for a good time, not a long time

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