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Introducing: Dad Grass Nighttime Formula CBD + CBN Tincture

Drop It Before Bed For Sleep That Dreams Are Made Of.

Remember what it felt like to get tucked in? We bottled that.

The Dad Grass Nighttime Formula is a 100% Organic full spectrum hemp tincture crafted to lull you into a deep and restful sleep. Rich with terpenes. High in CBD, plus CBN. Infused with calming linden. No habit-forming chemicals. Just an all-natural remedy to help you get the sleep that dreams are made of. 

Trying to fall asleep shouldn’t keep you up at night. Or leave you foggy and groggy in the morning. So we made an easy, all-natural one-stop-drop to take the stress out of slumber. Our special formulation blends the sedative effects of CBN, the mind-body relief of CBD and the soothing properties of linden to promote lasting, quality sleep. These three ingredients are known to work in harmony with the body to ease the underlying causes of sleep deprivation, rather than covering up the symptoms. Our friends say that a dropper or two before bed feels like sipping a warm cup of chamomile tea, slipping into a pair of favorite jammies, climbing into crisp sheets and throwing on some smooth jazz(zzz). Trying to decide between CBD vs. CBN for sleep? Choose both! The CBD quiets the body & mind while the CBN soothes the soul so you can sleep through the night and get the most out of every day.

Dad Grass-Nighttime CBD CBN Tincture-Sleep

Our Nighttime Tincture Formula

A Match-ress Made In Heaven (Our 8:1 CBD to CBN Ratio)

You’re never too old for a bedtime story. And every story needs a hero. Like the Dad Grass Classic Formula CBD Tincture and The Dad Grass Goodtime CBD + CBG Tincture, the Nighttime Formula CBD + CBN Tincture is pretty simple.

Our Nighttime Formula’s hero is CBN. A gentle sedative that lulls you into sleep the way nature intended, versus knocking you out cold. Think falling asleep in a forest surrounded by animated creatures versus falling under a sleeping spell for ten years. 

Alas, a wise sage who uses ancient wisdom to guide your sleepy ways. Enter CBD. Our friends say that Dad Grass’s beloved cannabinoid calms their nerves so their mind can settle down, and prepares their body to fully receive the benefits of CBN. Most importantly, CBD is known to help CBN last throughout the long night. So even if you wake up at two in the morning (because of small bladders, baby cries, or a monstrous car alarm next door), your mind and body can be calm enough to slip back into a gentle slumber.

A hero would be nothing without their loyal steed. How else would they get where they need to go? Linden’s got some horsepower, y’all. Our organic Linden infusion is all-natural (no extracts allowed) and soaked in MCT oil to become the carrier infusion that allows your body to efficiently absorb the CBN and CBD. Linden has been used since ancient times to promote positive sleep at night and to ease the anxiety and tension of the day. 

With the combination of CBN, CBD and Linden, our Nighttime Formula is a perfectly balanced tincture for the best sleep ever. But just because this tincture is all natural and hemp-based doesn’t mean this isn’t powerful stuff. We recommend starting with one dropper’s worth of liquid a half hour before light’s out and adjust as needed. We never want to write anyone else’s story. But for us, a dropper or two of our Nighttime Formula makes the night feel a little quieter, the sheets a little crisper, the blanket a little cozier and the dreams a little sweeter.

Dad Grass-Nighttime CBD CBN Tincture-Sleep

Effects To Expect From The Nighttime Tincture

Your Eyelids Are Getting Veryyyyyy Heavy (CBN & Sleep)

The Dad Grass Nighttime Formula CBD + CBN Tincture should have you sleeping the way you did before you knew what taxes were. It's high in helpful cannabinoids like Cannabinol (CBN), one of the many chemical compounds in cannabis and hemp plants. Our friends tell us that when used nightly over time, it helps them fall asleep, and stay asleep, au naturel. They report waking up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. Many of them have called it “their dream come true,” and are finally able to toss their other tired tools for turning in, the store-bought solutions that left them feeling foggy and groggy. We like to think of CBN as a gentle lullaby and OTC sleep aids as one-two punches. They might knock you out like a light, but you’ll wake up feeling like sh*te. 

Dad Grass-Nighttime CBD CBN Tincture-Sleep

How To Drop Into Restful Sleep, Naturally with the Nighttime Tincture

It's As Easy As A Lullaby

For first-time users, we recommend dropping a droplet's worth of CBN oil for sleep under your tongue and hold for 15 seconds (or however long it takes you to hum the chorus of Baa Baa Black Sheep) about 30 minutes before lights out. Repeat when needed.

The Benefits of CBN

While there’s not yet a lot of hard research on CBN, some early studies help explain why and how CBN benefits are praised as a sleep aid and supplement. For example, research suggests that cannabinoids like CBN reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, and actually lengthens time spent in deep, slow wave sleep while shortening time spent in REM sleep, especially when combined with additional cannabinoids like CBD and THC. This results in achieving deeper sleep faster, which could affect the way you dream. Scientists have discovered that cannabinoids compound in your body over time, priming your endocannabinoid system and allowing you to more effectively absorb additional CBD and other cannabinoids.

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