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How Dad Grass Hemp Pre Rolls Are Made

Sometimes, it’s great to get out the papers, break up some hemp buds and roll up your own doob. But it’s hard to deny that, after a long day at the office or on a lazy Sunday afternoon, it’s pretty groovy to have a perfectly handcrafted specimen just waiting to be sparked up. That’s why we roll every Dad Grass CBD Joint and Mom Grass CBG Joint just the way you like it, so you can spend your precious time settling into the things you love. 

Over the years, we have seen many different types; fatties and pinners, twisted and folded, filtered and not. And after decades of R&D (if you know what we mean!), we landed on what we believe is the ideal hemp joint.

Like everything we do at Dad Grass, our CBD Pre Rolls and CBG Pre Rolls are nothing fancy or new. They're quite basic really. Perfectly ground 100% organic smokable hemp flower. No sticks, stems or seeds. No trim or shake. A simple paper filter. All wrapped up in 100% natural papers and folded at the end to keep the good stuff in. A timeless style that’s easy to burn.    

Dad Grass CBD Joints and Mom Grass CBG joints familyOur family of joints. Mom Grass CBG 5 Pack, Twoobie and Classic. Dad Grass CBD 5 Pack, Twoobie and Classic.

What To Expect When You’re Expecting (Joints)

Buckle up, kids, we’re going on a wild (and smokey) ride. From smokable hemp flower selection to our proprietary grinding and hand sifting techniques to our state of the art knocking process, all the way to our elegant closing method and the packaging you know and love - we’re here to give you the jist on our joints. This is the behind-the-scenes never-before-revealed story on how we craft both our Dad and Mom Grass pre-rolls. 

* Family Disclaimer: Although the steps are basically the same for joints made out of CBD flower (Dad Grass) and joints made out of CBG flower (Mom Grass), there are in fact very particular and proprietary settings we use for each one. This is the secret sauce. You’ll have to join the family to learn that.

The Power of Flower: How We Select Our Flower

We may be a laid back bunch. And we definitely dig the good times. But like your dad (and any good dad) we never let our responsibilities slide. When it comes to the hemp we use in our pre rolled joints, our standards extend beyond being organic and sustainable. We only work with craft farmers that sustainably produce hemp in small batches. They harvest and trim by hand with the same level of care a home gardener would use for their family’s harvest. We also pay all of our workers a fair wage and produce everything right here in the USA. It may not be the easiest way, but it’s the Dad Grass way. 

Dad Grass - Blog - How We Roll Our Joints - Flower 1A fresh batch of Dad Grass hemp flower. 

Since our farmers grow our smokable hemp flower under the West Coast sun (unlike greenhouse weed which can be planted and harvested every few months) we only get one harvest per year, usually in November. So we gotta make it count! As soon as it’s ready, the flower is harvested, dried, cured and stored in a highly controlled environment until we’re ready to roll it up or pack into tins of Dad Grass Flower. What’s so special about Dad Grass Flower, you ask? Read all about our flower here - but for now, we’re focusing on doobies, dude.

Dad Grass - Blog - How We Roll Our Joints - Flower 2A Dad Grass Joint Engineer hand selecting the perfect hemp nug.

Rise and Grind: How We Grind Our Hemp

Once our hemp flower is safe and sound in our facility, the Dad Grass team grinds the flower just enough to ensure a perfect smoke. Not too fine, not too coarse. We spent years perfecting our grinding method in order to achieve our perfectly packed joints. Finding that Goldielocks zone is no small feat! And every batch requires a dad’s keen eye due to the natural variations in the flower that comes in from the farm (so you could say there’s an art to the grind). Our proprietary process requires on-the-fly adjustments - for example, the CBD flower we use for Dad Grass is stickier and requires a longer grind, whereas our CBG flower for Mom Grass contains less resin which can lead to a powdery finish if you grind for even a second too long. In the end, all that attention is worth it once we see our final pre-rolled joints. They grow up so fast, don’t they?

Dad Grass - Blog - How We Roll Our Joints - GrindingA literal waterfall of 100% organic ground hemp.

Sift Happens: Our Sifting Techniques

Once the grind is done, our team of nimble-fingered hemp ninjas sift the flower thoroughly until absolutely all seeds and stems are removed. At Dad Grass, we dispose of approximately 30% of our biomass to make sure only pure CBD or CBG flower goes into the joints - this ensures we don’t have air pockets or stems poking through that may end up harshing your mellow. 

Dad Grass - Blog - How We Roll Our Joints - SiftingHand sifting our Dad Grass ground flower to remove up to 30% of biomass so your joints are free of sticks and stems.

Let Me Roll It: The Future of Rolling Machines

Once our flower is ground and sifted, we throw on our latest Jams & Joints playlist and rock and roll the work day away. We fill the machine with pre-rolled cones and fill the joints to the right density every time: not too tight, not too loose; so our joints smoke just right, every day and every night. The traditional knock box machine uses vibration to pack the flower in the joint - but, true to dad form, we can’t help but play with new toys. At Dad Grass, we use the newest machine on the market that uses a more refined, non-vibrating technique. Our joints are packed with a screw-like tip, a method that is said to protect the fragile terpene molecules from being kicked around. While not used across the board (yet), we have a hunch our machine will be more widely utilized in no time. 

Dad Grass How We Roll Knock Box Hemp CBDOur Joint Engineer carefully filling our knock box (so your joints are jam packed with goodness).

All Things Must Come to a Close: Our Closing Process

Once our hemp joints are packed just right, we carefully close each and every one by hand with a Dutch Crown (folded top). This results in an elegant finish and means our pre-rolls are oh-so-easy to light.

Dad Grass - Blog - How We Roll Our Joints - ClosingHand closing Dad Grass joints using the much admired Dutch Crown technique.

Ahead of the Pack: How We Pack Our Joints

Whether your joints arrive in a doob tube or Pack, we package each of our precious pre rolls by hand and seal them with love from our team in Downtown LA. One by one, our joints are carefully placed in sets of one, two, five or ten. The Five and Ten Packs have quickly become the fan favorites. Probably because our custom-designed flip-top box is a great way to protect your smokes whether you’re on-the-go or keeping it low-pro.

Dad Grass - Blog - How We Roll Our Joints - EZ SlideOur (extremely lucky) Quality Assurance team checking each pre roll for imperfections.

Our version isn’t fancy or complicated. No gimmicks or excess. Just a practical package that you can slip into your pocket, drop in your bag or stash on a shelf just out of reach from the kids. Because we want you to smile every time you open your pack, we designed our signature E-Z Slide insert system to hold each individual joint snugly inside and added a tab to help you pop them out one at a time. Snug as a bug in a rug.

Dad Grass - Blog - How We Roll Our Joints - Closing PackHand packing our beloved Dad Grass 5 Pack using our E-Z Slide.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Our Vacuum Seal

Before we wrap this up, we have to mention our sealing process. We vacuum seal each pack to ensure the freshest possible hemp joint, each and every time.

Dad Grass - Blog - How We Roll Our Joints - SealingAll dressed up and ready to go, the final step in our process is to vacuum seal our packs.

One Box Shop: An Inside Look At Our Fulfillment Process

To keep things fresh, Dad Grass only uses up-cycled and recyclable materials (and we use as little of it as possible), because we want Grass to be good for you and mother earth.
Dad Grass USPS ShippingHand packed and sealed with love.

It’s As Easy As 1,2,3, (4,5,6…)

Who knew that our joints went on such a journey? From selecting sun-grown smokable CBD and CBG flower throughout hemp farms peppered along the West Coast to grinding, sifting, knocking, closing and packing in our Dad Grass factory in Los Angeles - a lot of work goes into chilling you out. Now that you know what goes into our doobies, do yourself a favor and try them out for yourself (and feel free to drop some sick knowledge as you pass that joint around).

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