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Five Good Reasons to Buy a 5-Pack

Some things shouldn’t be complicated. Joints, for example. Our new Pack of Organic hemp CBD pre rolled joints keeps it simple for you.


Are you new to Dad Grass and wondering how many joints to buy
We’re pretty sure you’re going to love them. So you might as well get a Pack. Or two. Reordering is easy but waiting can be hard.

Is your budget a bit tight and you need to to save where you can? 
Dollar for dollar, gram for gram, puff for puff---the Pack is going to give you the most bang for your buck. And if you buy a Pack and a Classic (or any combination that amounts to more than $40) we will ship it to you via USPS absolutely free of charge.

Have you been looking for a better way to show up to a socially-distanced summer BBQ? 
A fiver of Dad Grass beats a sixer of beers every time. Five joints says “let’s get this party started” but also “let’s share responsibly.” You might want to leave behind a couple extra Twoobies in case the hosts miss out on the fun.

Are you finally getting out of the house for a trip to the great outdoors? 
Take it from us, a couple joints just won’t do. Think of it this way. You’re going to need one for the drive. Another after you get the tent setup. Two for passing around the fire. And the last one to take the edge off as you reenter the real world. 

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