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Family Album: Texas, Circa 1974

The Mathematics of THC

"After a break during school, a few of us ran into a big problem! Thankfully, there always a Square of the Group. Kinda like today's Designated Drivers. We could not judge the distance or the speed of the vehicles driving the busy street we had to cross to get back to school.

Thankfully our Square friend took us by the hand, one on each side of her, & we linked up with the rest of the group. She safely got us across the street & we made it back to class before the final bell rang. Although she didn't toke, she was the Coolest of All.

In all fairness, in elementary school, I misunderstood what was said during Health class. I started laughing about it. No, I was not stoned. What I misunderstood just seemed too funny to be talking about in school. It involved hair. Shampoo. That's not the hair I was picturing. The subjects changed so quickly that I was just lost on the discussion.  

Fast forward a few years.

Something happens in class & I started laughing. I don't remember what it was but at the time it was funny, at least to me.

Try getting that Stoned laughter under control even with a teacher breathing down your neck telling U to quit laughing. I managed, even though it wasn't easy.

Crazy as it sounds, I loved getting stoned & doing Algebra. I made good grades all week. For some reason I barely passed the tests gave each Friday. I suppose I just got into a big hurry & didn't recheck my work enough.

Archie Bunker for President t-shirt.

Striped bell bottoms.

Roller skating weekends.

Yep. Those were the days.

So long ago. Yet, it really hasn't been. So long ago."

Photo: M. Miller. Circa 1974.

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