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Family Album: Jamaica, Circa 2017

The Boy That Wouldn't Toke & The Dad Who Did

In 2017, our oldest son graduated from high school so we went to Jamaica to celebrate his big day. It was our first visit to the country.

The hotel was directly on the water and each morning there would be locals in their homemade canoes or kayaks selling trinkets and weed along the beach. At 9:00 am the hotel staff would chase them away. Being an early riser, I would go down to the pool/ beach each morning at sunrise to read and relax with the beautiful surroundings.

Each day, the hotel gave us a new bottle of Rum. So I would take the bottle of rum, and exchange it for some weed. I would enjoy a nicely rolled “spleef” early in the morning before my family would wake up.

So one day, I got high and then we hired a driver to show us the island.  We go North to Rick’s Café for some cliff diving, then go to Margaritaville for some drinks.

As my son and I walk along the beach with fresh cocktails we meet this wonderful local character I affectionately called “Dr. Doob.” Being stoned to the bone, I couldn't believe my eyes, but better yet, my son was shocked. My son didn't know I was stoned (the kid was never a partier, not even a drinker). I didn't have any cash on me, but Dr. Doob gave us two handmade bracelets as a token of friendship. We got back to our beach chairs and I gave my son $20 to go give to Dr. Doob for the beautiful yarn bracelets. I told him that if he wants to buy a joint and try it, please do, but that it's his decision.

After 15-20 minutes he returned and sat next to me. I asked what happened and he said…”Dad, I did not want to get high and knew that Mom would not be happy."

I told him I was happy with his decision and that he just grew into a young man, much better than me!

I still get high to this day and love the relaxing feeling from Dad’s Grass.

Photo: Mr. Lobb. Circa 2017.

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