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All Consuming Podcast Got Nostalgic, Existential (and Buzzed) with Dad Grass

We sent Noah Kalina & Adam Lisagor of All Consuming Podcast Drugs in the Mail… and they loved it.

Podcasts may just be talk radio for the youngs (daddy, chill) but Noah Kalina & Adam Lisagor sure are asking all the right questions. Like, “Do you think that [being a dad is] a prerequisite for working at Dad Grass?” The answer, no - just dads at heart (just ask the ladies of Dad Grass). The duo sat down and sparked up with our pre-rolled Dad Grass joints and talked CBD, dorm room doobies, life in a simulation (wait, what?) and - of course - dads. 

After lighting their respective joints from thousands of miles away, they took a trip down memory lane by discussing the ritual of lighting up a joint... 

“Even though I've had my resurgence of smoking pot as a grown ass man, I haven't gone to joints because they're sticky and messy and burn-y. I’ve put flower in a vaporizer [and dabbled with] the more modern ways of using cannabis, but I feel like [Dad Grass] is a nostalgia... based product and ritual. What I’m worried about is that I’m going to enjoy this ritual so much that I’m just going to keep smoking it all the way down. And [because] my tolerance is that of a wee tiny baby - a wee tiny pot smoking baby - before I know it I’m going to be obliterated and cowering in a nightmare of my own creation…” 

Spoiler alert: the joint was smoked and that didn’t happen. 

Throughout the podcast, Noah and Adam mentioned that Dad Grass “brings them back,” “is a mellow high” and is “doing it right.” Aww, shucks.

After wrapping their existential conversation on if we’re all existing within a Dante-esque circle of hell and if aliens are watching us or not, they shifted gears to reminiscing on their own parents through the lens of our beloved slogan “low dose, full toke, like your parents used to smoke.” The cherry on the proverbial cake? Adam said, sort of longingly, 

“I’ve never gotten high with my dad... I know that he got high, I don't think he's touched the stuff in years … but I would love to have the experience [with him] if he wanted to get high with me, [but when I asked] he was never into it. I want to have that communal experience with my dad. Dad Grass would be a great way for me to get high with [him] for the first time in a way that I know it wouldn't go dark and we wouldn't say unfortunate things to each other.” 

Talk about hitting the nail on the head! 

“[Dad Grass] anchors itself in the past. Even for people who weren't alive in the 80s, [it brings you back to and celebrates] a communal experience that [had] a lower threshold for intoxication.” 

So whether you're reliving Woodstock with the old man (or lady), or shining a light on your days as a Dead Head with your own (adult) offspring, Dad Grass promises a puff of a simpler, less extreme, time. 

And like all good dads, we keep our promises. Turns out the duo at All Consuming thinks so too: 

“I’m here for it. [About five] years ago I was looking for ways to incorporate cannabis into my daily life that is sustainable and manageable... I feel happy and mellow and engaged in the conversation, I'm not retreating into myself. This product answers my call from five years ago. Search over. I found it. This is what I'm going to do for the rest of my [time]. [Dad Grass] did exactly what it promised to on the box.” 

Here’s a few other kind words they threw our way:

“I could smoke a whole joint and not be like “Oh fuck! I have to go sleep this off””

“[Sometimes, with weed] less is going to make [the experience] more fun, but people don’t know that. We live in a culture of excess. [It would be like encouraging people to drink a bottle of wine instead of a glass] - that’s unhealthy. As consumers, we haven't been well educated on cannabis. [Dad Grass] is a rejection of the idea of excess consumption of cannabis. [It’s proof that] you can have a great experience in small doses and it can be even more meaningful that way.” 

Listen to the whole podcast here


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