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A Picture Of Dad-Ness

A Father's Day Spotlight on Dan Dealy.

Photographer. Cinematographer. Dad.

You know what they say. Beauty is in the eye of the weed-holder. And boy, oh boy are we grateful for the eyes of Dan Dealy. He's worked with the likes of Beyonce, Levi's, Vogue and has been a member of the Dad Grass family since we started way back when. Like all great dads, he's always seen the best in us. Dan has shot everything from our 5 Packs to our Gummies to our limited-edition George Harrison Collection. Check out his work at @dandealy.

When he's not snappin' pics and lighting up, he's a super-dad living in Los Angeles. In our eyes, he's the ultimate dad, so who better to sit down with ahead of Father's Day to discuss all things Dads and Grass.

What does being a dad mean to you?

Dad Grass-Father's Day-Dan Dealy Interview

Being a Dad... ooh my, how priorities have changed. I do my best not to bring any bullshit home. The world is ugly enough out there and our home is our safe space.

I'm no longer thinking for one, I'm thinking for a whole family. I'm constantly working on myself to be more present and involved. Navigating a child's brain through the years has been wild. I'm a work in progress, but putting their needs before mine, being patient, and understanding are just a few pieces of the foundation. Showing unconditional love and acceptance while creating a safe environment both mentally and physically is huge. 

Dad Grass-Father's Day-Dan Dealy Interview

Being willing to learn and grow as a parent is something I find super important. There's no rule book on how to be a good parent but these kids change as soon as you think you have them figured out and you have to keep up with them.

Ultimately, the end goal is to be their constant source of love and support.

How do you celebrate Father’s Day? Any traditions you borrowed from growing up?

Handmade cards on computer paper. Folded in half with children's beautiful writing. Thats how I did and that's what I hope to get each year. 

What lessons did you learn from your dad on how to be a dad yourself?

As a kid, I was someone who metaphorically needed bumpers while bowling in the game of life. I was a gutter ball king... My Mom was keen on letting me learn life's lessons on my own, by doing them over and over and over again. My Dad, who I know I challenged, handled me with grace and patience. He was a hardworking man who put his family first and was there for us when we needed him.
Dad Grass-Dan Dealy-Interview
I think the most valuable take away for me when looking back at myself in those years and reflecting, is how, no matter what fucked up thing I got myself into, or what car I crashed, or what school I got kicked out of, my Dad was never a dick. He never yelled. Well, he almost never yelled... One time I remember he yelled from the top of the basement stairs and it sounded like a lion's roar while me and some friends were smoking weed inside our house in the basement. Not a great choice in my opinion...
I had my share of getting grounded and had things I enjoyed taken away but, I remember he would take me aside and ask me how I was feeling.

Dad Grass-Dan Dealy-Father's Day

Then he would find a way for me to look at what had happened and help me see where my choices could have been different.
I hope to give my children bumpers sometimes, but try to take a page out of his and let them learn their lessons on their own and be there for them when they need guidance and support.

How does fatherhood affect your art?

Dad Grass-Dan Dealy-Father's Day
Becoming a Dad has come with new challenges and limitations for sure, but it also has opened a bunch of doors. I don't know if it's the new-found sense of confidence that comes with raising a human from scratch or if it's the drive to get shit done, because I don't have another option. For me, when work is good, the family is good, then I feel free to create. Which helps me drive my personal work and keeps me inspired, which in return helps me continue to be a better dad. 

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