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We know the world of cannabis can be confusing sometimes. We still remember when it was all just called grass. That's why we have put together a little glossary to help you understand the words we use.

Dad Grass Glossary

Low Dose, Full Toke, Like Your Parents Used To Smoke
Dad Grass Pre Rolled CBD Joints Revive the Mellow Sensibility of the Casual Smoke.
Made with only the finest 100% USDA Organic hemp flower, responsibly
grown right here in the USA. High in CBD and rich with terpenes. No additives or pesticides. No nicotine or tobacco. And absolutely no shake or trim. Just a classic recipe that keeps your soul light and your head right.



Low Dose
Remember the days when you could smoke a whole joint without freaking out or getting couch-locked? We do. And we’re bringing them back. We’re all about keeping it mellow. But don’t be fooled, low dose doesn’t mean low quality. Quite the opposite actually. Low dose is actually the secret to that chilled out euphoric mood you remember so fondly.  Just enough lift to put a smile on your face, but not too strong to turn that smile upside down.

Full Toke
Smoking may not be “cool” (whatever dad!), but it is the best known way to take advantage of the complete potential the magical hemp plant has to offer. When high quality hemp buds are smoked, large amounts of CBD and trace amounts of THC go straight into your system for maximum benefit. Sure, you can get your CBD and some of the other good stuff from tinctures, edibles and even sunscreen. But these products usually don’t have the 113 known cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes that all work together to give you that full plant experience. Think of it this way: Would you rather eat an orange or take a vitamin D tablet? We would reach for that deliciously juicy fruit every time. Disclaimer: Smoking hemp has all the risks that come with smoking any sort of herb. Kids certainly shouldn’t do it. Everyone else should do it responsibly. 

You don’t have to be a dad, or a dude, to enjoy Dad Grass. In fact, you don’t even have to be a parent.  Dad Grass is a state of mind, shared by people like us who, regardless of their age, like to keep things easy and dependable, never fancy or complicated.  Our brand is inspired by our parents but our products can be enjoyed by men and women (over the age of 21 of course!), white collar, blue collar, uptown, downtown, in backyards, bonus rooms, kitchens, garages and everywhere in between. 

Used to Smoke
If you ever dipped into your dad’s stash back in the day, the pleasant-but-manageable buzz you enjoyed was probably because the grass of that era only had about 4% THC. THC is the stuff that gets you stoned, and today it seems like it’s all “Big Cannabis” cares about. Instead of racing towards max THC, we look back fondly to that bygone era when you could get a clean buzz but still maintain a clear head.  

Pre Rolled
Sometimes, it’s great to get out the papers, break up some buds and wrap up your own doob. But it’s hard to deny that, after a long day at the office or on a lazy Sunday afternoon, it’s pretty groovy to have a perfectly handcrafted specimen just waiting to be sparked up. We roll every joint just the way you like it, so you can spend your precious time settling into the things you love. 

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about CBD lately. It’s THC’s long-lost sibling, recently rediscovered and now celebrated by red-eye-jedis and wellness gurus alike.  CBD (Cannabidiol) is the most commonly known non-psychoactive cannabinoid contained in hemp and marijuana plants. That means that, unlike THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD doesn’t get you high. Instead, it is known to have a load of other really far-out effects. Most people say it helps them relax and take the edge off. Others say it can reduce inflammation, nausea, anxiety and even help combat cancer.  We think it’s the key ingredient in a positively perfect recipe for people that want to alter their mood but not their mind.  Disclaimer: We love science but we aren’t scientists! To bone up on your CBD knowledge, check out this article by our buddies at Project CBD.

Long before there were vapes, dab rigs and triple-bubble water bongs, there were joints. There is nothing more perfect than a good ol’ fashioned joint. Pure in form and simple in function, joints are still the most classic way to enjoy a casual smoke. Over the years, we have seen many different types; fatties and pinners, twisted and folded, filtered and not.  And after decades of R&D (if you know what we mean!), we landed on what we believe is the ideal joint. Like everything we do at Dad Grass, it’s nothing fancy or new. It’s quite basic really. Perfectly ground 100% organic hemp flower. No sticks, stems or seeds. No trim or shake. A simple paper filter. All wrapped up in 100% natural papers and folded at the end to keep the good stuff in. A timeless style that’s easy to burn.   

Things were a lot simpler when we were growing up.  Before we had pocket computers, social media avatars, fast fashion and global warming, we had more time to chill out, be present and enjoy a reality that wasn’t virtual. Life wasn’t necessarily better but it certainly was more chill. And when it came to smoking out, you never had to worry about being so high you got paranoid or anxious or couldn’t focus or talk.  We can’t do much to mellow out the modern condition but we think our grass might help you lighten up just a bit.
Whether it’s something you are smoking, eating or putting on your skin, you probably want to know that it’s both good for you and good for the world you are handing off to your kids. That’s what the famous Organic Certification is all about and it’s something we take damn seriously. All of the CBD hemp flower in our joints is 100% Certified Organic. Our farmers use only organic inputs and processes, keep the flower separate from all non-organic products, and use only approved natural fertilizers and pest control materials. Nothing toxic. No GMOs or anything artificial. We keep it 100% natural, like Mother Earth intended. 

Since ancient times (and we aren’t just talking about the 60’s, man), hemp has been used for everything from clothing and paper to food products and medicine. Although our Founding Fathers grew it for years, the US government banned hemp and its close relative, marijuana, in 1937. Thankfully, the recently-passed 2018 Farm Bill made hemp completely federally legal again. What’s the difference between hemp and marijuana? We know it’s confusing, especially with all the buzz around legal weed these days. The first thing to know is that hemp and marijuana are both technically cannabis. Marijuana, the mind-altering variety, contains more than .3% THC. Hemp, on the other hand, contains less than .3% THC. The flower we use for our pre rolled joints comes from high quality hemp that is sun grown by experienced farmers in much the way marijuana is grown.  It looks, smells and tastes like the finest buds you would pick up at your local dispensary but is legal to produce, sell, buy and toke in all 50 states.  If that doesn’t get you jazzed up, this certainly will: When grown responsibly and with enough TLC, hemp can have way higher concentrations of CBD than marijuana which, for the most part, has been genetically engineered to maximize THC.  That means you get more of the good stuff with less of the bad. 

Weed, bud, ganja, pot, dope, mary jane...every generation has its own slang. But what we are all talking about when we talk about grass is the flower of the cannabis plant. The beautiful, sticky and sweet-smelling fruit that, when consumed properly, is sure to put a smile on our face.  A dirty little secret of our industry is that some cats mix other, less desirable parts of the plant (see: Trim, Shake) into their joints because it saves money.  Not us. We only use flower, and only the best ones we can get our hands on. 

Responsibly Grown
We may be a laid back bunch. And we definitely dig the good times. But like your dad (and any good dad) we never let our responsibilities slide. When it comes to the hemp we use in our joints, our standards extend beyond Organic Certification. We only work with craft farmers that sustainably produce hemp in small batches. They harvest and trim by hand with the same level of care a home gardener would use for their family’s harvest. We also pay all of our workers a fair wage and produce everything right here in the USA. It may not be the easiest way, but it’s the Dad Grass way. 

Hemp’s only been federally legal for a couple of years, but the good ol’ US of A has quickly become the world’s leading producer of high quality smokable hemp. Our hemp comes from a group of friendly farmers in the Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon. The birthplace of the American organic farming, this region is now famous for producing the nation’s most sought-after hemp with the highest recorded cannabinoid content.

Ah, the smell of fresh grass! (Dad Grass, that is). We love it, not just because it reminds us of all the good times but because it comes courtesy of the plant’s terpenes—a family of compounds that can majorly impact your buzz. Unlike cannabinoids like CBD and THC, terpenes are found in basically every type of fragrant flora. That lavender essential oil your mom used to dab? It got its distinctive scent from terpenes. But terpenes aren’t just about smellin good. They have an effect on your mind and body when inhaled. The hemp we use is rich with terpenes that smell like pine and citrus and have an uplifting effect. There’s also a little hint of energizing citrus in there. So think of Dad Grass as aromatherapy in a joint. But better. 

Dad Grass pre rolled CBD joints contain one ingredient and one ingredient only. 100% organic hemp. We don’t need to add anything secret so that you will come back for more. We don’t need to add extra flavor or scents to make them more enticing. We keep things simple and pure because we can. And that’s what you deserve.   

The hemp we use in our joints is USDA Certified Organic, grown with only natural fertilizers and pest control materials.  But we go the extra mile to make sure what you smoke is 100% pure and that nothing has accidentally creeped into our crop. Before twisting it up, we send our freshly trimmed flower to the same independent third-party labs that test the marijuana you find in dispensaries. Not only do they make sure there are no pesticides, mold, fungus, bacteria, heavy metals or other toxins, they also determine the precise concentrations of THC and CBD as well as the terpene profile. Don’t believe us? Just whip out that smart phone, scan the QR code on your Dad Grass packaging and check out the test results. We always pass with flying colors. 

No nicotine here!  There are a load of wonderful, naturally-occurring chemical compounds in hemp (some of which we are only just discovering) that all work together to help you keep your soul light and your head right. Nicotine is not one of them. And we would never think of adding a poison like that to something so perfect. If we have to trick you into coming back for more, we are in the wrong business. 

“Shake” is to “grass” as “leftovers” is to a “good meal”.  It’s not the worst thing in the world but it’s never as good as the fresh stuff.  Shake usually consists of small pieces of flower that break off of larger buds. It’s dry, lighter on terpenes and CBD, and harsher to toke. Some of the other guys mix it in to their pre-rolls, thinking you won’t be the wiser. That’s not our style. 
People sometimes use the words interchangeably, but trim is not shake, and shake is not trim. If shake is frowned upon, trim should be an absolute no-no.  Trim is the unwanted plant matter that’s cut away from the flower buds before curing. It’s basically pot leaves, sometimes being passed off as pot. It’s a bummer to smoke and way less potent than even the worst shake.

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