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Zoom Dad Grass Merchandise Shirt Small
Zoom Dad Grass x Free & Easy Unisex SS Tee
Zoom Dad Grass x Free & Easy Unisex SS Tee
Zoom Dad Grass x Free & Easy Unisex SS Tee
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Zoom Dad Grass x Free & Easy Unisex SS Tee
Zoom Dad Grass x Free & Easy Unisex SS Tee
Zoom Dad Grass x Free & Easy Unisex SS Tee
Zoom Dad Grass x Free & Easy Unisex SS Tee
Zoom Dad Grass x Free & Easy Unisex SS Tee
Zoom Dad Grass Unisex Shirt
Zoom Dad Grass Free Easy Merchandise
Zoom Dad Grass x Free & Easy Unisex SS Tee

Dad Grass x Free & Easy Unisex SS Tee

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Free & Easy’s classic short sleeve tee featuring technicolor double logo graphic on the back and a Dad Grass mantra (“Low Dose, Full Toke”) on the front. Hand-printed and pre-washed for your pleasure in Downtown LA.


The Fit

If you’ve already got some Free & Easy shirts in rotation, you’ll be familiar with the fit. We find that they run a bit small, so we suggest sizing up. They won’t shrink much because they’ve already been washed.  Robin (the male model) is 5’10” and 175lb and wears a size Large. Alana (the female model) is 5’7” and wears a size Small. Check out the size chart to be precise.


The Collaboration

This limited edition short sleeve tee is part of a three-piece capsule collaboration from two of the West Coast’s most laid-back brands: Dad Grass and Free & Easy. 

Famous for their Don’t Trip hat (donned by LeBron and Mac Miller) and their perfectly washed-down tees, Free & Easy is a nod to their parents' generation of surfers who rode the waves of California’s golden era.  

We at Dad Grass share this same fondness for decades past, before things got so fancy and complicated. Remember when grass was just grass and you could smoke a whole joint without freaking out? That’s why we started rolling up our own hemp joints, to revive the mellow sensibility of the casual smoke.  And, from time to time, we make special collections of merch and apparel to pay tribute to the timeless staples of dad style. 

Together, we’ve come up with this small batch of choice pieces that recall the technicolor and care-free vibes of the SoCal scene in the 1980s. Loud & proud with love for the cannabis leaf, the long and short sleeve tees were hand-printed in Downtown LA then washed to perfection, just like those shirts in dad’s drawer that have been through the machine a thousand times.  To cap off the collection, there’s a special Dad Grass edition of Free & Easy’s "Don't Trip" hat with the Dad Grass logo embroidered on the side.   

Dad Grass x Free & Easy Unisex SS Tee


Customer Reviews

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What Folks Are Saying

Press Coverage

GQ Magazine
Unlike every CBD seltzer I’ve ever tried, Dad Grass actually feels like it does something. It’s not exactly stoned, but it is a little mellow. And while the packaging is clearly labeled as a legal hemp product. when you're smoking it it smells just like the real stuff."

Vice Magazine
"Dad Grass makes hemp joints that just mellow you out, minus any and all paranoia. Smoking one feels a little edgier than sipping on a hemp seltzer but won’t lead you down a rabbit hole of anxiety." Vice Magazine

NY Magazine's The Strategist
After being sent a sample from Dad Grass, Strategist managing editor Maxine Builder has become obsessed with what she calls “the most weedlike hemp I have ever encountered.” The pleasant buzz is so effective, Builder promises, that she says Dad Grass is “the hemp product that has convinced me that hemp is actually a thing.”

Inside Hook
"Dad Grass hemp Joints are here to help you chill like a suburban dad. Unlike THC, the primary psychoactive element of cannabis, hemp doesn’t produce a “high.” Instead, it can offer a sense of calm as well as pain relief among other potential health benefits. They come with a cool stash box, man,"

"When our parents’ generation took their first toke of 2010’s weed, it must’ve felt like the equivalent of our first dab. Dad Grass knows this, and made these all-hemp, THC-free prerolls for our folks. Your uncle can take a baby step back towards modern day THC with one of these, and he can smoke the whole thing like the good old days."

Gear Patrol
"The entire election cycle has been so stressful that it's led me to take up smoking. But only once in a while, like after a particularly rough day. Dad Grass' prerolls are 100 percent hemp, and because they're hemp joints with barely any THC all you really feel is a sense of contentment without any fogginess or other mind-bending effects."

Customer Testimonials

Dan, Brooklyn
"I love smoking a joint but don’t always want to get stoned. These joints are super mellow, and a quick hit, which is really great for 30 minutes before bed."

Kate, Maine
"I'm a hemp newbie and your joints really worked for me in a way other products have not!"

Justin, New York
"Gets you the right amount of calm without feeling like a slug. It's the smoking equivalent of having a beer after work."

Marle, Los Angeles
"I liked it for my work day vibes. Calms and centers me without totally knocking me out!"

Zack, Santa Monica
"I felt like I was sitting in a sunken couch in a kimono listening to Herb Alpert."

Anne, Chicago
Your pre-rolls give me exactly what I always wished THC-heavy bud would have: all of the chill and none of the stress.

Get Hip To the Hemp

We know the world of cannabis can be confusing sometimes. We still remember when it was all just called grass. That's why we have put together a series of educational blog posts that will help you get hip to the hemp. 

Dad Grass just mellows you out, minus any and all paranoia.

Vice Magazine

Introducing Dad Grass

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