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Jams & Joints #14: Daddy Chill

This week’s fab music selection by Tippy (AKA Tiffany Jade) is, naturally, a Daddy Chill moment.

Tippy is the absolute inspiration of our Daddy Chill Pride 2021 Collection. Their ability to push the envelope on what masculinity and femininity “oughta be” according to society is a breath of fresh air and worthy of thunderous applause.

(If you’re feeling out of the loop and aren’t hip to Tippy’s genius, check this out!)

(We've listed the tracks and Tippy's notes below in case you don't use Spotify)

How You Like That | BLACKPINK | Look at you, now look at me

Win Again | Nicki Minaj | You can’t tell me nothing. your opinion about me doesn’t matter

On The Ground | Rosé | Who would’ve thought that saying “Daddy Chill” would cause a frenzy today?

Morning | Teyana Taylor & Kehlani |Pplay this song on a grindr meet

EL MAKINÓN | KAROL G & Mariah Angeliq | I’ve always been an independent masc fem... always will be...and I would do it in wigs and heels all day

sMore Than Words | Little Mix (feat. Kamille)| Makes me feel grateful for all the POSITIVE people I have in my life

To Die For | Sam Smith | This song literally made me cry but…

No Time For Tears | Little Mix & Nathan Dawe | Have an ex you’re crying about? There’s no time for that

WANNABE | ITZY | There’s no better way to be than yourself

Sour Candy | Lady Gaga & BLACKPINK | A little vogue moment

Buttons | The Pussycat Dolls | I was just a little gay boy listening to this at 10 years old lol

Confetti | Little Mix | It’s time to celebrate yourself bitchessss

Lovesick Girls | BLACKPINK | Always put yourself first! Happy Pride❤️🏳️‍🌈❤️

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