It's Like Pot, but Not

So, what’s the difference?

Both Cannabis?  Yep.  Both grow big, beautiful buds? Yep.  Both beneficial to the body and the brain?  Yep, that too.  Well then, what’s the difference?

Well, it basically boils down to this: one gets you high, and one gets you “high enough” 

Marijuana (not our favorite term, but it’s the one’s the feds use), has high amounts of THC, the compound that makes you feel stoned, baked or high.  It’s the psychoactive part of the plant.  It’s only legal in a few states, highly regulated, quite expensive, and, if you’re like us– gets you too damn high!

Hemp, on the contrary, has low amounts of THC (ours sits right at .3%), but instead, has loads of CBD (12.5%+) and a host of other cannabinoids that are known to relax the body and mind, evoke a euphoric mood, and widen that smile just a bit.  We like to call it “high enough.” How groovy.

Photo courtesy of Sweetbrier Farms / Emerald Family Hemp