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Introducing: Dad Grass Goodtime Tincture

Dad and Mom walk into a bottle. Meet the Dad Grass Goodtime Tincture.

Welcome to the good times.

Meet the Goodtime Tincture. A 100% organic full spectrum tincture that provides the relief of CBD with the rejuvenation of CBG so you can keep the good times rollin'. Although this 1:1 formula is good anytime, we like to drop it when our good times have us feeling, well, less than great.

We've all been there. The morning after a long night out on the town. A couple hours post-sweat. That first obligation after a trip across time zones. Any Monday. Delivered in equal parts, the two cannabinoids work together to put us back in the game. Just like some other dynamic duos we've come to depend on. Think Shaq and Kobe. Ibuprofin & a cup o' joe. Or Dad Grass and Mom Grass. The CBD takes the edge off while the CBG tunes you into whatever the day may bring.

Our Goodtime Formula

Dad and Mom walk into a bottle...

Like our Dad Grass Classic Formula Tincture, our Goodtime Formula is pretty simple. Just carefully extracted, full spectrum hemp oil blended with organic MCT oil. Made from the same CBD-rich 100% Organic Dad Grass hemp flower you'll find in our Dad Grass and CBG-rich flower you've  come to know and love from Mom Grass. The powerful duo of CBD and CBG packs an extra punch thanks to the entourage effect. The effects and benefits of each cannabinoid are amplified when paired together, to give you the relief and rejuvenation you need to keep the good times rollin'.

What To Expect When You're Expecting Good Times

How Our Latest Drop Will Make You Feel

Whether you're craving relief after wandering into the wee hours, a reset after binging rom-coms on the red-eye or recovery from your New Year's gym resolutions, our latest drop will bring you back to normal (whatever that looks like for you).

Our friends tell us that The Goodtime Tincture's 1:1 ratio has them feeling relaxed (thanks to CBD) and ready for the night or day ahead (you can thank CBG for that). After a few drops, you'll be feeling switched on and clear from the post-hustle fog.

How To Feel Relaxed & Ready

It's As Easy As (American) Pie

Whenever you need a little help to keep the good times rollin', ease into the moment by dropping half a droplet's worth of oil under your tongue and hold for 15 seconds (or however long it takes you to hum the chorus of Bye, Bye Miss American Pie). Repeat when needed.

Once you get a sense of how your body responds to our Goodtime Formula, build up your dosage based on your tolerance or desired levels of rest and recovery.


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