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DAD GRASS X GEORGE HARRISON Limited Edition Joints, Paraphernalia & Merch!

Family Album: Coronado, CA. Circa 1985

Put It All On The Table

“Our family was pretty open about weed. There were always rolling papers in the junk drawer. When we were in high school, our dad talked to us about ‘pot’ and put it out on the table. These days, we go to dispensaries with him and use his senior discount. And every year we renew our medical licenses together. It’s always been a form of relaxation for our family, after a hard days work. But over the last few years, my dad has used it to help with the side effects of his cancer treatment. He has been diagnosed with cancer multiple times and has won. He's about to start radiation next week for another battle.”

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Photo: Mr Gibson. Circa 1980


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