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Dad Grass x Free & Easy

The Most Chilled-Out Collaboration of the Summer

Dropping this week is a three-piece capsule collaboration from two of the West Coast’s most laid-back brands: Dad Grass and Free & Easy

Famous for their Don’t Trip hat (donned by LeBron and Mac Miller) and their perfectly washed-down tees, Free & Easy is a nod to their parents' generation of surfers who rode the waves of California’s golden era.  

We at Dad Grass share this same fondness for decades past, before things got so fancy and complicated. Remember when grass was just grass and you could smoke a whole joint without freaking out? That’s why we started rolling up our own hemp CBD joints, to revive the mellow sensibility of the casual smoke.  And, from time to time, we make special collections of merch and apparel to pay tribute to the timeless staples of dad style. 

Together, we’ve come up with this small batch of choice pieces that recall the technicolor and care-free vibes of the SoCal scene in the 1980s. Loud & proud with love for the cannabis leaf, the long and short sleeve tees were hand-printed in Downtown LA then washed to perfection, just like those shirts in dad’s drawer that have been through the machine a thousand times.  To cap off the collection, there’s a special Dad Grass edition of Free & Easy’s "Don't Trip" hat with the Dad Grass logo embroidered on the side.   

The collection is super limited and exclusively available here on, so pick some up before they sell out.

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Dad Grass Free Easy
Free Easy Merchandise Dad
Dad Grass Free Easy
Dad Grass Tee
Free Easy Merchandise Dad


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