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An Honest Brand Review About Dad Grass | CBD & CBG Joints, Tinctures and THC Gummies

Our friends at Honest Brand Reviews lit up and dug into Dad Grass. Since we couldn't say it better ourselves, we highlighted the best. 

Dad Grass Deluxe THC + CBD Gummies Review

Looking to add a little sweetness to your chill session? The Dad Grass Deluxe Delta 9 THC + CBD Gummies might just be what you need. Try them out and discover your new favorite way to relax and unwind. Each gummy delivers a perfect balance of THC and CBD, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience without unwanted surprises.

Classic Formula CBD Gummies For Stress - Dad Grass

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The Parent Pack - Dad Grass CBD CBG Joints Honest Review

Looking to enjoy a little CBG and CBD or share with a friend? Try the 5 Pack Parent Pack, which features the Dad Grass and the Mom Grass so you can get a feel for both blends. 

Dad Grass-Mom Grass-Parent Pack-CBD CBG

Buy 5 Pack - Parent Pack

The Dad Grass has a chilled out head high with a carefree, mellow feeling, while the Mom Grass is more targeted to a calm and grounded body high with a creative and energized feel. Each pack comes with 5 .7g joints so you can get a feel for both options or enjoy them together.

The Dad Grass Classic Formula Tincture Review

On the hunt for effective CBD that’s easy to dose? Look no further than the Classic Formula CBD Tincture. This heaven in a bottle packs a 1200mg CBD punch and is formulated from 100% organic hemp flower grown in the US. 

Dad Grass-Classic Formula CBD Tincture

It has a smooth, grassy flavor, and a few drops a day are recommended to keep you feeling chill and relaxed. With 30 servings per bottle, one serving being equivalent to 1 ml, with 40mg of CBD per serving, here’s how to use it:

  • Take half to 1ml (full dropper) one to two times daily
  • Place under your tongue and hold for 30 seconds

The Morning Ritual Bundle - CBD Tincture + Mom Grass CBG Joints

Ready to start the day off on the right foot? Try The Morning Ritual Bundle. This killer combo features 30 ml of the Classic Formula CBD Tincture and a 5-pack of the Mom Grass organic hemp joints.  

Dad Grass-Morning Ritual Bundle-CBG Joint-CBD Tincture

The two products offer either CBD or CBG, but they can be enjoyed separately or together as you wish. Combined, the effects are chill and comforting so you can take things on with a clear and mellow head at any time of day.

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