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DAD GRASS X GEORGE HARRISON Limited Edition Joints, Paraphernalia & Merch!

Zoom Special Blend George Harrison Dad Grass Five Pack
Zoom Dad Grass X George Harrison - 5 Pre Rolled Joints Special Blend Pack
Zoom CBD + CBG 5 Pre Rolled Joints - Low Dose Full Toke, Like George Used To Smoke
Zoom Special Blend George Harrison Dad Grass Five Pack
Zoom Let It Roll - Dad Grass x George Harrison | Special Blend Pack
Zoom Let It Roll - Dad Grass x George Harrison CBD+CBG Joints Pack
Zoom Special Blend George Harrison Dad Grass Five Pack

Special Blend George Harrison Dad Grass Five Pack

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Classic toke meets a classic bloke with these signature George Harrison Dad Crafted from a special blend of Organic C.B.D and C.B.G h.em.p f.lo.wer. A perfect harmony for your smile and your heart. Nothing run of the mill. No cockamamie business. No extra texture. And absolutely no wah-wahs. Just 100% hallelujah to plug you in and turn you on. Om.


We’d like to think that if George was still “drinking his tea” today, he’d shy away from the h.ig.h test blow-your-mind that the kids are into and opt for something mellower, something like the specially blended C.B.D + C.B.G h.em.p j.oi.nts we’ve rolled up in his memory. The low dose Organic h.em.p we use for these j.oi.nts (and all Dad products, for that matter) has less than .3% T.H.C, which means that it won’t get you to the bone. Instead, it’ll take you back to the good ol’ days when’ a doobie helped you tune in, gave you a pleasant-but-manageable buzz and put you in a chilled out e.up.hor.ic mood.

Mixing it up with one of the most iconic musicians in history is humbling, to say the least. So for this collaboration, a blending of our modest little brand with George Harrison – the genius, the guru, the legend, the man and the dad – we had to come up with something truly special. George himself was a mystic blend. A blend of cultures, styles, times…you name it. He was living proof that certain blends, of the right ingredients and in the proper proportions, do it better. So we set out to craft an all new kind of j.oi.nt. A mix of Dad CBD flower and Mom G.ras.s C.B.G f.lo.we.r. C.B.D for physical harmony and C.B.G for mental clarity. A peaceful balance of our two favorite and most enlightening c.ann.abin.oid.s, all wrapped up in one perfectly rolled j.oi.nt. It’s our love song to George and his beautiful dualities. Our tribute to him as a catalyst for creativity and connection. A special blend that we hope is worthy of George’s name and legacy.

If you’re already hip to the h.em.p, you’ve probably learned the ABCs of C.B.D and C.B.G. But for those of you that are new to Dad and Mom, we recommend you check out some of our educational blog posts to learn more  about these two groovy c.ann.ab.ino.ids, the parental units of the Dad fam. To keep it simple, C.B.D (c.ann.abi.dio.l) is the active ingredient in our Dad J.oin.ts, F.lo.we.r and Classic Formula We find that it’s great for winding down and that it makes us feel deeply and totally chilled out. C.B.G (ca.nna.big.erol) is the active ingredient in our Mom Joints and Our friends tell us that they like it for creative inspiration because it makes them feel more calm, focused and present in the moment. Both have been proven effective in reducing a.nxi.ety,,, inflammation and even some chronic illnesses. What happens when you blend the two together? Well, there’s a growing body of scientific evidence (supported by our own unofficial studies, wink wink) that leads us to believe you get the benefits of each…plus some! That’s because of the entourage effect, which causes to work better together than individually. We’ll spare you the deep dive on the system this time around. And we’ll avoid any band-versus-solo-albums comparisons for obvious reasons. But suffice it to say, our Special Blend combines C.B.D and C.B.G in a perfect harmony that’ll plug you in and turn you on.

The Special Blend is less a stop along the road between Dad and Mom G.ras.s and more of a vibration on its own frequency. We often say that Dad G.ras.s is more of a head h.ig.h. Mom G.ras.s is more of a body h.ig.h. And we’ve begun to affectionately refer to the effects of the Special Blend as a “heart” Many of our friends have reported that, along with improving their mood and widening their smiles, the Special Blend chills them out and makes them feel more connected to the moment. We think George would be proud that his first signature product is known to have this effect, because he supported, “anything that (could) help mitigate and keep people out of their minds, in their hearts, out of the psychotic place and into the heart place.” George also often maintained that got his creative juices flowing, and that’s another effect that people can expect from the Special Blend. Perhaps it’s because the C.B.D brings us a sense of physical harmony while the C.B.G and grounds us. And when blended together, it helps us flow into that peaceful place of inspiration and creation. 

Like our Dad and Mom 5 Packs, the Special Blend George Harrison Dad Five Pack comes with five .7G j.oi.nt.s. Each one is handcrafted using only the finest 100% Organic h.em.p f.lo.wer, responsibly grown right here in the USA. No additives or pesticides. No nicotine or tobacco. No sticks, stems or seeds. No trim or shake. A simple paper filter. All wrapped up in 100% natural papers and folded at the end to keep the good stuff in.

We gave the design of the Special Blend pack a little “extra texture”. How could we resist? We’re mixing it up with George Harrison after all! It’s still the same familiar flip-top hard pack with our E-Z slide insert. But if you look closely you’ll see some tasteful nods to the man and his music. On the front, just below George’s signature, we snuck in one of the gnomes from the cover of All Things Must Pass. On the sides, we proclaim the motto of the collaboration, “Let It Roll” (an unintentionally apt joint-themed lyric borrowed from George’s Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp). The batch label, which contains information about the C.B.D and C.B.G concentrations and a QR code for the full testing results, is designed as an ode to George’s time spent in the East. And when you reach for one of your j.oi.nt.s inside, you may just recognize the lush landscape of George’s Friar Park estate, also featured on the cover of All Things Must Pass.

    T.H.C Content is at or below the legal limit of 0.3%.
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    Warning: Cancer and reproductive harm.

    Special Blend George Harrison Dad Grass Five Pack


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    It focuses your attention better on the music so you can hear it clearer

    George Harrison

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    CBD for physical harmony and CBG for mental clarity. A peaceful balance of our two favorite and most enlightening cannabinoids.

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